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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: #BLACKSPENDINGMATTERS

Once again, due to gross state sanctioned violence against our communities, thousands of people are calling for other economic strategies to resist the consistent wave of oppression that we face. We’ve called for and participated in these acts of resistance before. #NotOneDime was the most recent national and international call after there was a non-indictment verdict…

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Jesse Williams

#TUMF and Why I’m Still Buzzing off of Jesse Williams’ Brilliant Blackness

Question: How many times have you watched Jesse Williams’ historical speech? I know I’ve watched and listened to and read it too many times to count. For those of us who tuned into Sunday night’s BET Awards, we were absolutely astounded by the brilliance and eloquence espoused by our generation’s Harry Belafonte. I can’t remember the…

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Brexit, White Supremacy, and What This Could Mean for Black People

When a UK-based colleague (who just happens to be a brilliant Black British woman of Ghanaian descent), told me that her delayed response in our email exchange was because the newly announced Brexit had floored her, I had absolutely no clue what she spoke of. Mainly because I’ve been in a news-less bubble for the…

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african startups

23 African Startups to Keep an Eye On

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African startups are are taking the continent by storm. This new generation of entrepreneurs is not satisfied with sitting back and hoping someone will give them a job or create the goods or services they want and need. They are doing it themselves and the world is taking notice. Last year, African tech startups received…

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Black owned

32 Black Owned Businesses in Philadelphia

I recently moved to Philadelphia and I must say, as someone who loves art and food, the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t disappoint. Apart from great restaurants and hole in the wall “hood spots”,  the city has a thriving art scene and an up and coming tech startup scene. Check out some of the many…

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DISTINKT: South Africa’s First Black Owned Premium Vodka Brand

South Africa’s vodka consumption is projected to increase by 20 percent this year. Distinkt Premium Vodka, a Black owned vodka brand is poised to take advantage of this growth. Distinkt was created by four entrepreneurs from Kagiso, a township west of Johannesburg. They are led by Sibusiso Sibisi, a chemist and distiller who is in…

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Oakland’s New Marijuana Law Aims to offer Economic Reparations

When I first heard that Colorado was legalizing marijuana, one of my first thoughts was “Man, everyone who is or has ever been locked up for weed is gonna be pissed.” But for people who use marijuana for medical purposes, that is a whole other story. You have to get a medical card before you…

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Annie Turnbo Malone: One of the First Black Women Millionaires in the U.S.

If you haven’t heard of Annie Turnbo Malone before today, you aren’t alone. When we found out about her, we were amazed that despite her amazing achievements, she isn’t a household name. So, who is Annie Malone? Annie Turnbo Malone Annie Turnbo Malone (August 9, 1869—May 10, 1957) is recorded as one of the U.S.’s first…

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Black Wealth

Growing and Maintaining Black Wealth: Watch your Ass-ets

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This is the second installment in our series around the topic of “Growing and Maintaining Black wealth through sound legal strategies and problem solving.” Let’s continue with a discussion about Assets. Growing and Maintaining Black Wealth: Watch your Ass-ets “Gator Boots, with the pimped out Gucci suit Ain’t got no job, but I stay sharp…

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