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Black owned banks

6 Black Owned Banks in the UK

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Several members of the Shoppe Black community in London and surrounding areas have reached out to us asking if we know of any Black Owned banks in the UK. The short answer: Of course we do! The long answer: The full effect of July’s Brexit decision is yet to be seen. Financial experts are watching…

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Shoppe Black

4 Smart & Easy Ways to Begin your Shoppe Black Journey!

One of the many thought provoking songs on Stevie Wonder’s 1976 double album Songs in the Key of Life is “Black Man”. The first line is “First man to die for the flag we now hold high (Crispus Attucks) was a Black man.” The lyrics go on to tell of the many unnoticed or underappreciated…

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Moleskine She's Gotta Have it

Moleskine Teams Up with Spike Lee for the She’s Gotta Have It 30th Anniversary: This One’s For Us

The other night, a post by my friend Kasimu popped onto my timeline. All I saw was something about Moleskine and She’s Gotta Have It. Yes, you heard me. On the cover of a muted fuchsia notebook was a picture of Nola Darling and apparently my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I love Moleskine. Love…one of several things that…

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22 Howard University Alumni Owned Businesses (Pt2)

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We’re extremely proud and excited to present our second list of Howard University Alumni Owned Businesses! Be amazed. Be inspired. Support them.  Also be sure to check out our first list here! Howard University Alumni Owned Businesses ANU is a Toronto-based producer of premium Shea butter products focused on naturally nourishing your skin. Founder: Kedar Waterman…

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27 Black Owned Businesses in the UK

Our second list of Black owned businesses in the UK is here by popular demand! If you haven’t seen the first list, check it out. Otherwise, enjoy and support these amazing Black owned businesses in the UK! Black Owned Businesses in the UK My Duvets offers customised bed linen and pillow cases. Their design studio…

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32 Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn

Over the past decade, countless Black owned businesses in Brooklyn (and nationwide) have fallen victim to gentrification. Rising rents and leases are forcing businesses to close. However, there are still many Black owned businesses and institutions that have weathered the storm and continue to provide great goods and service. Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn The…

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public polocy

6 Black Issues That Public Policy Must Address Immediately

Despite the importance of economic empowerment, I would argue that political power plays a bigger role in wealth creation. Political power influences public policy and legislature that address many socioeconomic issues that affect our ability to even start building a strong economic base. Here are a few issues affecting the Black community that public policy…

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Economic Activism: The Most Viable Long Term Strategy [Part1]

To state the painfully obvious, innocent Black people are being murdered by police on a consistent basis. The Prison Industrial Complex continues to close in on us. Our school systems are deplorable.  Many of us don’t have access to healthy food options. Our neighborhoods are being gentrified. And no one is being held accountable. In response,…

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: #BLACKSPENDINGMATTERS

Once again, due to gross state sanctioned violence against our communities, thousands of people are calling for other economic strategies to resist the consistent wave of oppression that we face. We’ve called for and participated in these acts of resistance before. #NotOneDime was the most recent national and international call after there was a non-indictment verdict…

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