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Underground Railroad Station Found in Philadelphia

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From the outside, 625 South Delhi Street looks like an average Philadelphia rowhouse. But in the 1850s, it was home to Underground Railroad leaders William and Letitia Still. Within the house’s narrow confines, they sheltered hundreds of escapees and gave well-known figures like Harriet Tubman shelter. Looking at this almost 180-year-old rowhouse just off South…

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Philly’s Only Black Owned Cable Provider Bought By Comcast

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Black owned cable provider

Comcast announced it has acquired the cable assets of Black owned cable provider , Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc., a provider of paid television and other services to many residents of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA).  Since the 1970s, Wilco has offered television services to approximately 9,000 PHA housing residents. The company’s president and founder, Will…

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Marc Lamont Hill Opens a Coffee Shop & Bookstore in Philadelphia

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Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill introduces us to his new business, Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books and explains why we should all Shoppe Black. Visit Uncle Bobbies online or at 5445 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144 -Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson (IG @thebusyafrican)         Like and Share!

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19 More Black Owned Businesses in Philly

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As we speak, Philly is hosting the 2017 NFL Draft. Reports say this event will pump  tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. Seems like a great time to shout out some more Black owned businesses in the area. Black Owned Businesses in Philly 900AM-WURD is the only Black owned and operated talk radio station in…

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32 Black Owned Businesses in Philadelphia

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Black owned

I recently moved to Philadelphia and I must say, as someone who loves art and food, the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t disappoint. Apart from great restaurants and hole in the wall “hood spots”,  the city has a thriving art scene and an up and coming tech startup scene. Check out some of the many…

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Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse: Philly’s Black Woman Owned Haven for Geeks

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Amalgam Comics

The world of comic books has become big business. Comics that used to cost less than a dollar are now million dollar collector items. Comic book character-based movies are grossing millions of dollars world wide. Even events like Comic-Con have become huge international conventions, while gatherings like the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention…

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