Most Sneakers Are Not Built for Women’s Feet

Imagine effortlessly gliding through your run, each step feeling like a natural extension of your movement. Envision shoes that seamlessly merge with your feet, offering both support and momentum as you propel forward.

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Yet, for many women, the reality of running often involves painful blisters, sore ankles, and a persistent feeling that something isn’t quite aligned.

The truth behind this discomfort lies in the design of most sneakers available. Surprisingly, many of these shoes weren’t crafted with women’s feet in mind. Traditionally, manufacturers followed a “shrink it and pink it” strategy, essentially resizing men’s shoe structures and adding pink or purple colors.

Allyson Felix, an Olympic icon and the founder of women’s footwear brand, Saysh, delves into this issue: “Unlocking the secrets behind making shoes was an eye-opener for me. It’s surprisingly straightforward, but I never gave it much thought. Think about this: shoes are shaped based on a mold of a foot, but here’s what’s shocking – most brands (yes, the ones you’re picturing right now) have been using a man’s foot as the template, even for so-called ‘women’s’ shoes.”

Allyson’s realization mirrors a glaring gap in the footwear industry. Women’s feet differ significantly from men’s—they tend to have wider forefeet, higher arches, and different heel structures. Squeezing these unique feet into shoes designed for a different anatomy only leads to pain and dissatisfaction.


This oversight is where Saysh excels. Their FemiformityFIT Technology is tailored specifically to women’s feet. Podiatrist, Dr. Sandi Nagata, underscores the importance of such innovation: “Many women face discomfort due to ill-fitting shoes while running, which can discourage them from continuing. Having a running shoe that considers the individual foot’s structure, especially for beginners, is crucial in preventing unnecessary pain.”

Saysh takes pride in supporting women through every stride, especially during motherhood. For every customer who becomes an expectant mother, they send a fresh pair of sneakers in a new size, free of charge. 

Allyson’s journey speaks volumes about the transformation these shoes offer. It was in her own Saysh shoes that she returned to the Olympics, becoming the most decorated track and field athlete. This personal testament exemplifies the power of footwear designed to embrace women’s distinct anatomical needs.


Saysh invites women to prioritize comfort and performance in their running experiences, ushering in a future where each stride is a testament to empowerment, support, and celebration of individuality.

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