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Most Sneakers Are Not Built for Women’s Feet

Imagine effortlessly gliding through your run, each step feeling like a natural extension of your movement. Envision shoes that seamlessly merge with your feet, offering both support and momentum as you propel forward.

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Yet, for many women, the reality of running often involves painful blisters, sore ankles, and a persistent feeling that something isn’t quite aligned.

The truth behind this discomfort lies in the design of most sneakers available. Surprisingly, many of these shoes weren’t crafted with women’s feet in mind. Traditionally, manufacturers followed a “shrink it and pink it” strategy, essentially resizing men’s shoe structures and adding pink or purple colors.

Allyson Felix, an Olympic icon and the founder of women’s footwear brand, Saysh, delves into this issue: “Unlocking the secrets behind making shoes was an eye-opener for me. It’s surprisingly straightforward, but I never gave it much thought. Think about this: shoes are shaped based on a mold of a foot, but here’s what’s shocking – most brands (yes, the ones you’re picturing right now) have been using a man’s foot as the template, even for so-called ‘women’s’ shoes.”

Allyson’s realization mirrors a glaring gap in the footwear industry. Women’s feet differ significantly from men’s—they tend to have wider forefeet, higher arches, and different heel structures. Squeezing these unique feet into shoes designed for a different anatomy only leads to pain and dissatisfaction.


This oversight is where Saysh excels. Their FemiformityFIT Technology is tailored specifically to women’s feet. Podiatrist, Dr. Sandi Nagata, underscores the importance of such innovation: “Many women face discomfort due to ill-fitting shoes while running, which can discourage them from continuing. Having a running shoe that considers the individual foot’s structure, especially for beginners, is crucial in preventing unnecessary pain.”

Saysh takes pride in supporting women through every stride, especially during motherhood. For every customer who becomes an expectant mother, they send a fresh pair of sneakers in a new size, free of charge. 

Allyson’s journey speaks volumes about the transformation these shoes offer. It was in her own Saysh shoes that she returned to the Olympics, becoming the most decorated track and field athlete. This personal testament exemplifies the power of footwear designed to embrace women’s distinct anatomical needs.


Saysh invites women to prioritize comfort and performance in their running experiences, ushering in a future where each stride is a testament to empowerment, support, and celebration of individuality.

Visit and join them at @bySaysh on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and TikTok.

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2022 Fitness and Gym Trends: How Do I Choose the Right Gym?

Trends change and evolve every single year, and fitness trends are no exception. For some people, the latest trends can be surprising since they might not have expected it to become popular. However, trends are similar to anything that experiences a surge in popularity, like a famous actor or actress, for example.

With time and age, its relevance begins to diminish and dip, and something newer, younger, or different becomes the next great fitness trend. That’s just the way it is with everything in life.

Top Fitness Trends for 2022

fitness trends

According to a global survey of fitness trends conducted by ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal, the #1 fitness trend in 2022 is wearable technology, which was previously #2 in 2021. Home workout gyms and outdoor exercise were ranked in the second and third spots in 2022.

Wearable technology as a trend is one that makes complete sense in the current fitness space since most people will want to see how well their fitness workouts are doing based on actual data.

People interested in wearable technology devices learn a lot about their calorie burn, their resting heart rate, their heart rate during exercise, and more. Wearable technology also tracks how many calories you burn in a day outside of exercise—from daily activities and using GPS tracking to stay on top of your step count.

As technology advances, wearable technology will likely grow in popularity, since it will start to offer a lot more than it already does, making it no surprise that it’s the #1 trend of 2022.

An interesting observation from the survey, however, is that online services like live and on-demand exercise classes fell to the ninth position this year. This is in stark contrast to 2021, where it stood at the #1 position in fitness trends.

A simple explanation for this is that during the pandemic people were unable to physically access gyms or other fitness spaces since they were temporarily closed.

Virtual workouts experienced their highest demand at the peak of the pandemic. Once that barrier was removed, however, people didn’t have to figure out how to exercise at home anymore.

How Do You Choose the Right Fitness Gym for You?

Here are a few questions you should consider before deciding on a gym:

  • Do you have to drive a long distance to exercise at the location?
  • Are the gym hours flexible to allow you the freedom of late or early workouts?
  • Does the gym offer childcare so your child can stay with you while you exercise?
  • Do the gym staff make sure everything is completely wiped down and that the gym is clean? Gym cleanliness is more important than ever in these times.
  • Most importantly, are the gym staff friendly, and do they treat their members with respect?

Taking your health into your own hands can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance, you’ll be well on your way to being the best version of yourself.

If you need help getting there, get in touch with Ethical Inc. today.

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How Exactly Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Heart?

The narrative around drinking alcohol is something that is constantly changing. Is drinking alcohol always bad for you? Does drinking in moderation actually help your heart health? Is there a certain amount you should drink to have the best health possible?

We all know that excessive drinking is bad for your health. However, does drinking in moderation improve your health?

You might’ve heard that drinking a glass of wine is good for the heart—it’s one of the most common beliefs around alcohol and heart health and has been backed by some small preliminary studies in the past.

Recent developments, however, tell a different story. Studies from the World Heart Federation as of January 20th, 2022 contradict this previous information.

What Is the World Heart Federation?

The World Heart Federation is a Geneva-based organization that advocates for heart health and represents hundreds of heart associations worldwide. They recently released a new policy titled ‘The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Cardiovascular Health’.

The crux of this policy brief is that any amount of alcohol—not just heavy drinking—can increase the risk of heart disease. Even small amounts of alcohol can have negative effects. The brief even articulates that previous studies claiming that alcohol in moderation can be good for you were based on observational research, and did not account for other important factors.

According to The World Heart Federation, the most common health problems associated with alcohol consumption are:

  • Coronary Disease
  • Several Types of Cancer
  • Aortic Aneurysm
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Weight Gain

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, with over 17.9 million lives being attributed to it every year. In 2019 alone, there were 2.4 million deaths due to heart disease as a result of alcohol consumption. The World Heart Federation has since called for a relative reduction of 10% in the per capita consumption of alcohol between 2013 to 202.

While the World Heart Federation takes a staunch approach against alcohol consumption, the American Heart Association (AHA) has a more flexible perspective. According to the AHA, moderation when drinking alcohol is key—their moderation metric proposes no more than one drink a day for women, and two drinks a day for men.

According to Dr. Mariell Jessup, the Chief Science and Medical Officer to the American Heart Association, “we concluded that if one doesn’t drink alcohol, do not start; and if one does drink alcohol, limit intake.”

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight?

In terms of weight gain, simply drinking two glasses of beer or wine a day can have a noticeable impact, especially if you are already on a diet or trying to manage or lose weight. Two 12 ounce beers can be anywhere between 280 calories to 382 calories, while two 12 ounce glasses of wine can be anywhere from 350 calories to 364 calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, then alcohol probably isn’t the best choice for you. If you want to be healthy, try replacing your alcohol intake with water.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it comes down to you. If you do decide to drink alcohol, make sure to do it in moderation so it doesn’t have a negative effect on your health.

A huge part of your personal wellbeing comes from your daily habits and lifestyle, so if you incorporate minimizing alcohol into your life, you’ll have a higher chance of improving your personal health.

A well-rounded strategy for health needs more than solely dieting or exercise, or even limiting alcohol consumption.

To learn more about how to reach your health and fitness goals, visit Ethical Inc. today.

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Morris Chestnut and Fitness Expert Obi Obadike Launch Ethical Inc., a Science-based Supplement Brand

Award-winning actor, Morris Chestnut has teamed up with globally recognized celebrity fitness expert Obi Obadike to launch Ethical Inc, a science-based supplement brand created to support people living their best life with ethically-made health products.

This is the second time the duo has teamed up on a health and fitness-related venture. The first was their collaboration on their #1 best-selling book, “The Cut”.

In this interview with Morris and Obi, we discussed Morris’s personal reasons for being interested in health and fitness, his new TV Show, “Our Kind of People” and his upcoming projects, including the return of critically acclaimed, “The Best Man”.

Obi, a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, shares why he and Morris created the brand. He also offers some advice to those in the 40-plus club who are trying to get in shape and lose weight.

They both shared what it’s like working together and why they’ve decided to collaborate once again.

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Tony O. Lawson

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5 Fat Loss Tips That Actually Work

In the United States, nearly 48% of African-American adults are obese. Compared to those with a healthy weight, obese individuals are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes.

Despite these sobering facts, there are some proven ways to overcome the negative effects of obesity. Each of the methods below has been proven to contribute to reducing excess calories and improving fat loss as a result.

Start Resistance Training

Resistance training is not just for professional athletes. Building lean muscle helps you to burn excess calories even when you are at rest. Muscle tissue is lean and denser than fat, and not only will it allow you to burn calories while you exercise, but it comes with health benefits that help you have more energy.

Reducing the fat around organs is vital to living well and is an added benefit of resistance training.

Increase the Protein in Your Diet

Protein builds skeletal muscle but also functions in building strong hair, skin, and nails. Proteins allow you to have a sense of fullness longer and can help reduce cravings.

In addition, protein protects the body by making antibodies that bind to and remove foreign particles from the body.

Have More, Better Quality Sleep

In a study reported by the Mayo Clinic, adults who slept just four hours per night reported much more frequent cravings and an increased appetite when compared to those who slept 10 hours. An increase in hormones responsible for managing appetite may be the cause.

Improve sleep hygiene by going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time. Be sure to keep the room dark, quiet, and free of distractions like TVs and brightly lit screens. This sleep schedule will lead to improved recovery from exercise but also from the business of the day.

Reduce or Eliminate High-Calorie Drinks

With no nutritional value, high-calorie drinks are easy options for flavor but not the best when it comes to reducing your appetite. Those calories get stored as fat and can cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin. This further increases your appetite and makes you feel sluggish.

Alcohol comes with excess calories, but it also slows your body’s fat-burning and turns up your appetite. Usually, when you have an alcoholic drink, your cravings are met with food choices that are not consistent with losing weight and dropping excess fat. In addition to the significant health risks of overconsumption of alcohol, it is not a wise addition to a plan for weight management. Cut out high-calorie drinks.

Adding Fiber to Feel Fuller

Fiber adds bulk to the things you eat and allows your body to rid itself of waste better than if you had too little. Drawing more water into your digestive tract means you will not be feeling those cravings so soon, and it can protect you from excess weight gain.

Fighting against unhealthy levels of weight gain is part of a plan that can work for anyone. Partnering with a professional care provider can even help address condition-specific challenges that stand in the way of your weight loss efforts. Take charge of your life and fight for your vitality.

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Curious About Fasting For Weight Loss? Here’s What You Should Know First

You might’ve heard of intermittent fasting before since it’s grown in popularity online, but fasting is a practice that’s been around for centuries.

Fasting is sacred to many religions, including Christianity and Islam, and cultures, and it’s defined as abstinence from all or certain foods, drinks, and activities for a predetermined period. But you’re probably wondering what health benefits the practice might offer, particularly when fasting from food.

According to research, the health benefits of fasting are bountiful. So, if you’ve considered fasting for weight loss or other health reasons, you’ll be happy to discover these five science-backed health benefits of fasting:

Helps fight against inflammation

We all deal with inflammation as it’s our body’s natural response to protect us from infection. While inflammation is a regular occurrence, chronic inflammation can lead to serious health concerns such as arthritis. Luckily, research shows that fasting can result in decreased levels of inflammation, leading to better health and a lower risk of developing arthritis, cancer, or heart disease.

Promotes weight loss

This is the health outcome you’ve probably been waiting for, so here it is! For starters, decreased caloric intake naturally leads to some type of weight loss, but you also have your metabolism to thank, too. Research suggests that short-term fasting may boost metabolism, which enhances weight loss.

Could aid in delayed aging and increased lifespan

Are you on the hunt for the fountain of youth? Fasting might be the thing you’ve been looking for because, according to studies performed on rats, rats that fasted every other day lived 83% longer than the animals that didn’t fast, and they experienced delayed aging. Of course, studies still need to be carried out on humans to ensure quality results, but this research is certainly promising.

May improve brain function and aid in protecting brain health

The older you get, the more critical it is to stimulate the brain to keep it up and at ‘em. But some animal studies report that fasting not only protects brain health but it increases the generation of nerve cells that enhance cognitive function. Again, more studies need to be carried out on humans, but this research gives you something to think about.

Enhances heart health and lowers the risk of diabetes

African Americans were 30 percent more likely to die from heart diseases than non-Hispanic whites in 2018. So it is paramount that we especially take our heart health seriously. Studies have found that fasting could decrease “bad” cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, and even lower the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

The bottom line

Fasting has been associated with many health benefits, but this doesn’t mean that this practice is suitable for everyone. You should always do your research and, most importantly, consult your doctor before beginning any fast or diet, especially if you have diabetes or low blood sugar.


Written by Reese Williams

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Black Owned Athleisure Brands You Should Know

In the dynamic world of athleisure, where comfort meets style and movement fuels passion, Black owned athleisure brands are leading the charge with innovative designs, empowering messages, and a deep commitment to community.

From sleek leggings to bold tops that celebrate heritage, these brands are more than just threads and fabrics – they’re testaments to resilience, creativity, and the boundless potential of athletic spirit.

So lace up your sneakers, grab your water bottle, and get ready to discover the vibrant world of Black owned athleisure.

Black Owned Athleisure Brands

Impano Sportswear

Black Owned Athleisure Brands


Black Owned Athleisure Brands



Y-Fit Wear 

Pru Apparel

Full Court 

Black Owned Athleisure Brands

Roam Loud

Roam Loud Athleisure and Activewear Promotes Unapologetic Self Love - Rhode Island Monthly

Dope Fit Chick


Black Owned Athleisure Brands

Actively Black

Actively Black Athleisure Wear

Solely Fit

Spiked Wellness

Our Story — Spiked Spin & Wellness Co.




Promote your business

Want to invest in Black-owned businesses? Please complete this brief form.

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Abby Dione: The First Black Woman To Own An Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Abby Dione became the first Black woman in the US to own an indoor rock climbing gym when she purchasedCoral Cliffs Rock Climbing Center in 2011. Here’s why that matters.

Abby Dione, climbing the second pitch of Obstinada (5.11) in San German (Rosario), Puerto Rico.

Dione registers at a petite 5’3”. She has smooth brown skin and close cropped hair and her wiry frame and calm voice command attention. She’s an energizing presence at Coral Cliffs whether she’s coaching the Youth Coral Cliffs Climbing Team or interacting with regulars who frequent the gym. She also represents the changing face of climbing: a sport that is becoming more diverse and increasingly mainstream. Dione is busy creating experiences for young climbers both indoors and outdoors at the crag. She’s cultivating a passion for climbing and bridging the gap between climbing counterculture and new climbing communities.

Climbing is currently experiencing a tremendous surge in popularity across the United States. A 2017 New York Times article, A Boom in Rock Climbing, Minus the Rocks, talks about the challenge owners face of “selling a lifestyle.” Climbing gyms initially started out in garages as a place for outdoor rock climbers to get stronger. Decades later, the transition from very small spaces to mega gyms leaves local gym owners like Dione searching for a third way: how to share an experience and build a community while instilling the “ethics and spirit behind climbing.”

Dione laments that climbing basics like “the simple idea of having a mentor” have been abandoned as climbing gyms professionalize and add amenities to meet a new type of demand. In her view, new climbers need more than simple instruction on climbing gym equipment. They require coaching and mentorship as well as knowledge of climbing history to give them a sense of ownership of their sport. And of course they need to see friendly, familiar faces at the gym. Not everyone shares this approach. Dione’s concern is that if instruction stops at “clip in and hold the rope” instead of explaining that climbing is a series of friction systems, information is being omitted. [She] can see where someone may have an easier time walking into a gym. But how do they get better?”

Dione’s focus is on developing climbers who have the skills they need to safely enjoy the sport both indoors and outdoors. Along the way she’s challenging assumptions and stereotypes without dwelling on them. She reflects on the subtle ways that having to prove yourself as a woman climber continues; even after acquiring experience and sending challenging projects. Sometimes those moments were not so subtle for a Black woman climber: “I’ve been climbing long enough to remember when people would ask me if I was lost.”

Climbing is also experiencing a moment of broadening efforts to diversify the outdoors. They’re being led at the grassroots level by organizations like Brooklyn Boulder’s based Brothers of Climbing, Touchstone Climbing affiliated The Brown Ascenders and national organizations like Brown Girls Climb. There are also corporate efforts like the North Face’s Walls Are For Climbing campaign. In between grassroots and corporate, organizations like the Alpine Ascents affiliated Climbers of Color are focused on education and outdoor leadership for the next generation of mountaineering guides.

Credit: Melanin Base Camp

So where does Dione see herself as both a climbing gym owner and Woman of Color? Her answer is this: “creating opportunities for people to meet and experience how powerful climbing could be. And doing it in a safe and fun environment.” Last October 2017 that meant coaching an introductory bouldering class at the first ever diversity in climbing festival, Color the Crag. She described it as “a cool opportunity to instruct and mentor. I know a lot about climbing. I’m still learning but I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity and gift to teach and share it with people.” Dione’s approach is to produce safe, confident climbers who have an appreciation for the sport and its counterculture roots. And who have the option to climb outside or indoors, whatever they decide.

Credit: Melanin Base Camp

In twelve years of climbing her entire approach to the sport has changed a lot. As a newcomer she was more focused on “ego driven projects” and peak bagging which she described as “anxiety inducing.” There was a lot of pressure to “send,” a climber’s term for successfully completing a named climbing route. Her focus isn’t on climbing projects—not anymore. Right now she’s interested in “increasing overall strength and power, finger strength, and flexibility. Climbing is either pushing, pulling or hanging, and I’m more interested in doing incremental growth in each one of these areas.”

That makes a lot of sense for a climbing gym owner and climbing coach. Dione trains everything from finger strength to core strength to maximum pull and push before jumping on something at her limit to see how it feels. Instead of training goals and upcoming climbs she talks about “trying to hack my climbing growth with curiosity and playfulness.”

Dione frames her thoughts on climbing in the context of twelve years of lessons learned. It’s great advice for anyone who’s enjoyed a sport or outdoor activity for so long that it starts to lose its luster. How do you get the edge back? Dione had this to share: “When you start doing something long enough you arrive at a certain physical aptitude for recreational activity where you realize that your mind is where you get the most growth. Your mind is the limiting factor.” So that’s one area where she chooses to focus her efforts.

So if climbing isn’t about getting really strong and sending challenging projects, what is it about? Dione believes the sport has a lot to offer; especially for young people. Her “hope is that they don’t limit themselves by chasing numbers or by looking around to see who is doing what?” So what’s the secret to keeping kids excited about the sport? For Dione, it’s a mixture of passion and humility as well as not doing too much too fast. Climbing grades are super subjective; what you climb in the gym is great but outside is different and “the sooner people realize that stuff doesn’t matter, the better.”

Coral Cliffs is located at 3400 Southwest 26th Terrace, A4, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312. Visit them on Facebook or Instagram to learn more.


Source: Melanin Base Camp

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GrpFit is using Technology to Promote Health and Fitness in the Black Community

GrpFit is a fitness app created to address health issues in the Black community.

Since we’re all about health and wellness, we decided to find out more about the company. We spoke to co-founder Rich Bailey and this is what he had to say.

Grpfit co-founders: Chris Ketant and Rich Bailey

What inspired you to create Grpfit?

It’s no secret that certain health issues such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension are more prevalent in the Black community. But, some of the statistics are baffling. According to studies, 76% of our community is either overweight or obese and 43% of us have hypertension.

And then, when it comes to causes of deaths, heart disease and stroke are #1 and #3, respectively. A lot of these health issues can be alleviated by living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because of that, we decided to create GrpFit with the mission of making the Black community a more fit and healthier one.

The Black community has many health issues that need to be addressed. How does GrpFit provide a solution? 

GrpFit is a safe and encouraging platform for people of all fitness levels to share their fitness journeys, learn and motivate each other. Users of the app can share photos and videos, get sample workouts and read health and fitness related articles.

Our most powerful aspect of GrpFit is the ability to connect with other people who you can relate too. An underrated part of any fitness journey is the accountability and motivation you receive when you have a great support system and community behind you. We are providing a platform for people seek those type of connections.

We also have a ton of other features and services that are currently being developed and will be released in the near future. Stay tuned!

What has been the most gratifying and the most challenging thing you’ve experienced as an entrepreneur thus far?

The most gratifying thing is the opportunity to serve as an inspiration to others. Becoming an entrepreneur/tech startup founder is no easy feat, so showing other people that it can be done is so fulfilling.

The most challenging thing I’ve experienced is being able balancing the pressure to succeed with taking your time to figure out what’s right for your company and brand. The pressure to succeed can often lead to making quick decisions that aren’t fully thought through. Every decision you will make should tie back to your vision/brand and what’s best for your users.

Tell us about your 21 day fitness challenge.

The 21-Day Challenge was something we did back in January and February of this year with 21Ninety and Gym Hooky. Its purpose was to provide women the tools and resources to create lifestyle changing habits as it relates to health and fitness.

We provided the members with community support, weekly Q&A sessions, daily challenges and guides that helped them create goals, choose better foods and pick and perform exercises.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

In 5 years, GrpFit will be the one-stop-shop for everything related to Black Health and Fitness. We want to be atop of everyone’s mind when it comes exercising, advice, fitness communities and a source of information. Ultimately, we want GrpFit to be synonymous with Black Health and Fitness.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Nothing is too hard to accomplish. If you don’t have the necessary skills to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, then take the time to educate yourself and surround yourself with others who complement your skills. Also, be prepared to learn along the way and always keep an open mind to changing things at a drop of a dime. The latter is crucial because what you think may be a great idea may not be what people want.


GrpFit is currently available on iOS and Android


-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson (IG @thebusyafrican)

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Black Fitness Professionals and Businesses You Should Know

The following Black Fitness Professionals will inspire you and help you do what it takes to achieve your fitness goals. #HealthIsWealth

Black Fitness Professionals

Curvylista Fitness is an East Orange NJ based boutique group fitness studio exclusively for women who want to create a lifestyle of being healthy, happy, and strong.

Micah Baisden is the Owner and Lead Trainer of PowerHouse Sports Academy. They focus on cultivating a motivational and supportive atmosphere.

Ash Fitness is an expert in capitalizing on maximizing fitness results in a small period of time.

8PackUniversity (8PU) is founded by bernard Hilary. 8PU provides health, wellness, and fitness services to the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia or also know as the DMV.

Black Fitness

D.A.M. Good Bodies Elite Personal Training in Philly, offers One on One Personal Training, Boot Camp Training and a Clean Eating Supermarket Tour.

Jeanette Jenkins is the founder of The Hollywood Trainer. She is also one of Hollywood’s most sought after Health & Fitness Experts with over 25 years of experience.

Obi Obadike is an award winning celebrity fitness/nutrition expert and creator of Perfect Anatomy Fitness Solutions Online Personal Training.

Nicole Monroe is a Richardson, TX based certified personal trainer that specializes in strength & conditioning, H.I.I.T, and core toning.

Brittne Babe is one of the many certified personal trainers and health and wellness coach that offers one-on-one training programs and personalized meal plans.

Magda Civil is a personal trainer who provides online fitness challenges and online boot camp group training with over 200 participants.

Cassandra Nuamah is a fitness fanatic and certified Kukuwa Dance Workout Instructor. The Kukuwa workout that has you immediately moving your arms, waist, legs, and hips to a blend of Central, East, South, West, and North African rhythms.


-Tony O. Lawson

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