Couples, Inc. : Joe and Karina Own “Renewed Wellness Integrative Medical Center”

Dr. Joe Taylor and Dr. Karina Sharpe-Taylor are the owners of Renewed Wellness,  where their primary focus is on chiropractic and regenerative medicine.

We caught up with them to find out how they manage being partners in business and in life.

Dr. Joe Taylor and Dr. Karina Sharpe-Taylor

How did you meet each other?

We met in chiropractic college in Port Orange, Florida.  We were actually in the same graduating class.


What influenced your decision to pursue a career as a chiropractor?

Dr. Taylor- While competing as a track and field athlete at The University of Florida I experienced chronic hamstring injuries. Our team medical doctors were only able to provide temporary relief with traditional medical treatment.

As a last resort I was sent to a chiropractor for treatment. I was amazed by his knowledge of the human body, how much fun he seemed to be having working each day and most importantly his ability to identify why I was chronically injured and offer the solution that ultimately saved my career. I fell in love with the profession and the rest is history.


Dr. Karina– While receiving my Masters in Business I began my research into Chiropractic. I have always had a fascination with human anatomy and how it operates.

When I discovered chiropractic, I was amazed that chiropractic is not a profession that is limited to the spine, but how the body functions. From that point on I was sold in treating the body in a holistic fashion.

When you can give the body exactly what it needs to function at its optimal potential it is amazing. Chiropractic restore optimal nerve function throughout the body in order to heal itself.

What is the most important thing to remember when your business partner is also your spouse?

We have found that the most important thing is to remember to remain lovers. Working hard towards our common business goals can easily turn the relationship into being an extension of the business. Although we are both ambitious entrepreneurs that are constantly thinking of ways to expand our brand, we find it helpful to “take the executive hats off” regularly to just enjoy one another.

In what ways do you have similar entrepreneurial traits and in what ways are you different as entrepreneurs?


Dr. Taylor- Dr. Taylor is more of a visionary when it comes to our business. He rarely focuses on the “now” and instant gratification, but always planning what the next 5 moves should be.

Dr. Karina- Dr Karina is more of the executer when it comes to our business. She finds it extremely gratifying to focus on the “now” and is driven by taking immediate action.


Neither of us will ever settle for average. We are also both extremely competitive.  Our vision for exponential growth is a common theme between us.

What are your 5 year goals for the practice?

Within 14 months fully systematize our office to the level of that of a franchise. At this point begin replicating our model of delivering life changing holistic healthcare throughout the state of Florida. By year 5 opening our third location.

What advice do you have for graduates that are interested in starting their own practice?

Become obsessed with setting and achieving your goals. Shadow as many chiropractors as possible to learn what type of practice you want (it must stand out from everyone else). Continue pursuing education in your specialized field.


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