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Couples, Inc. : Joe and Karina Own “Renewed Wellness Integrative Medical Center”

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Dr. Joe Taylor and Dr. Karina Sharpe-Taylor are the owners of Renewed Wellness,  where their primary focus is on chiropractic and regenerative medicine. We caught up with them to find out how they manage being partners in business and in life. How did you meet each other? We met in chiropractic college in Port Orange, Florida. …

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12 Black Owned Restaurants in Florida

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Black Owned Restaurants in Florida

When next you’re in town, check out these Black owned restaurants in Florida. Even if you don’t live there, spread the word to those that do. Let’s give these businesses our businesses. Also, leave a comment with any others you feel should be on the list! Black Owned Restaurants in Florida Chef Creole Swirl Wine…

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Abby Dione: The First Black Woman To Own An Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

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Abby Dione

Abby Dione became the first Black woman in the US to own an indoor rock climbing gym when she purchasedCoral Cliffs Rock Climbing Center in 2011. Here’s why that matters. Dione registers at a petite 5’3”. She has smooth brown skin and close cropped hair and her wiry frame and calm voice command attention. She’s…

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Florida Black Owned Businesses Cherish history, Seek renewal

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florida black-owned businesses

In the days of segregation, African-Americans owned a network of businesses on Gainesville’s south side to serve the needs of minority residents who were often barred from entering pharmacies, grocery stores and other establishments across the city that only served white residents. “Before integration, there were certain services and other things you couldn’t avail yourself…

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16 Black Owned Tattoo Studios

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black owned tattoo

For many of us, a tattoo is a way to express ourselves. It is a symbol of our love for certain symbols, people and things that we consider significant. Although there are a growing number of Black tattoo artists, there aren’t nearly as many Black owned tattoo studios. We’ve listed a few from New York…

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