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A Taste of Tradition: Chilau Foods Brings Southern Flavors Home

Chilau Foods, founded by Michael Anderson, is a company built on a love of family, tradition, and of course, delicious food.

Inspired by his grandmother’s legendary crab stew, Michael set out to recreate those heartwarming flavors and share them with a wider audience.

chilau foods
Michael with Grandmother, Minnie Hallback

The journey didn’t stop at just replicating one recipe. As Michael explored stews from other Southern regions, he discovered a common thread – similar ingredients and flavor profiles. This became the foundation for Chilau Foods’ product line: Southern-inspired stew bases that simplify cooking without compromising on bold, authentic flavors.

Quality and Sustainability at the Core

Chilau Foods prioritizes using high-quality ingredients. Michael meticulously vets suppliers to ensure every ingredient meets their standards for quality and sustainability. They understand that consumers are increasingly health-conscious and want to know what’s in their food.

As a family-focused brand, Michael wouldn’t put anything in their products that he wouldn’t feed his own family. While local sourcing is important, Chilau Foods recognizes that some unique ingredients come from specific regions. Their focus is on building trust with suppliers and ensuring responsible sourcing practices to deliver delicious and sustainable products.

chilau foods

Reaching New Customers

Chilau Foods is committed to reaching new customers. They leverage content marketing and social media to build brand awareness and connect with consumers. Sharing recipes, cooking tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses allows them to build a strong connection with their audience.

Trade shows are another key strategy. These events provide a platform to showcase products, network with industry leaders, and secure new retail partnerships. This combination of digital and in-person efforts is propelling Chilau Foods’ growth and introducing their products to a wider audience.

chilau foods

Maintaining Consistency Across Locations

With a growing presence in stores, Chilau Foods prioritizes maintaining consistent product quality. They’ve built a strong relationship with their manufacturing partner to ensure every jar meets their high standards. Additionally, partnerships with top distributors like UNFI and KeHE allow for consistent delivery and execution across locations, guaranteeing customers receive the best Chilau Foods experience every time.

The Future of Chilau Foods

Michael’s current focus is on expanding their presence in the Soup Bouillon category and reaching new regions across the country. They see potential in offering their unique approach to cooking solutions in adjacent aisles, bringing convenience and bold flavors to new categories.

The long-term vision is to offer a range of products that celebrate the rich Southern seasoning traditions across multiple aisles. Chilau Foods recognizes America’s diverse culinary landscape and aims to bring a taste of the South that resonates with multiple cultures while staying true to its roots.

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