black owned construction company

This Black Owned Construction Company Went From Broke To Billions


C D Moody Construction is an award-winning, Black owned construction company based in Lithonia, GA. When CEO,  C. David Moody struck out on his own in 1988, he and his wife were in debt, struggling to make ends meet, and working out of their bedroom.

black owned construction company
C. David Moody

Over thirty years later, C.D. Moody Construction is a thriving enterprise that has completed over 200 commercial projects worth almost $3 billion.

The company’s growth coincided with rapid regional growth, and as Moody literally helped build 21st century Atlanta, Atlanta’s emergence helped fuel Moody’s success.

Along the way, Moody has remained committed to the community, planting seeds for future growth by mentoring the next generation of business leaders in Atlanta and teaching his kids the value of hard work and financial responsibility with his wife Karla.

For Moody, those entrepreneurs will play an important role in continuing to build up the community. And his kids will play a vital role in the business.

“Every weekend we would go and look at all the job sites together as a family,” said Karia Moody, David’s daughter. “I grew up in construction. I always knew I wanted to go into it.”

In September of 2019, David Moody joined as a 49% partner on a $650 million mix of affordable and market-rate housing, restaurants, retail, offices, and a performing arts center.

black owned construction company

In remarks before the McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority or Fort Mac LRA board, Moody said he also wanted to build an advocacy center to help treat victims of childhood sexual abuse that would focus on victims who are now in adulthood but still grappling with trauma.

black owned construction company

Moody previously was identified as a construction partner but will now take on an ownership stake in the development if approved by the board.


Tony O. Lawson

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  1. Very proud of these black entrepreneurs. I am very happy that they are helping the communities around them.

    • This country is better off seeing black entrepreneur success especially when the world thanks to we have contributed nothing this is a blessing for all young black people to look at and admonish because soon it will be there tearing no matter what the test is DaVinci off in life and see what they having them to offer I am much better mentally to see the success of others particularly African-American entrepreneurs God bless

      • This is EXCELLENT!!! Yes. Such an OUTSTANDING STORY for all Black People to emulate, gain knowledge and pride in.???

    • I’m pround to see a black owned business that is thriving and growing and also giving back to the community aswell. Much love

    • Thank God for Angles like u all. We have it, now we are free, let’s rebuild our country, to help our people. Thank all of u.????

    • Google it or use the library; once knowledgeable reach out to somebody local and large. Check with your local county planning commission to see what projects are in the works. Set up your business properly. Check with SBA (Small Busines Administration); they have advise, mentors and sometimes loans or grants to get you started.

    • I love to hear about Black Owned Businesses we need more of them.Help less fortunate blacks start their own businesses help revitalize our communities

      • Congratulations that is awsome I used to belong to a construction union in Cincinnati but they wouldn’t work us only to a limit it ruin me got far behind in my child support it caused me depression but I am good through the grace of God if it wasn’t for Him

    • In the summer of 92, I started working for these guys. They had a few bungle lows at Southwest College where waited to go out to assigned locations. In 93, I went on a SPIKE travelling to Zaca Lakes to help control flood streams. I was apart of an employee representative team for the LA branch where we spent a few nights at the Marriott near USC.
      I only put 2 years of work but man it was fun when work was there. Hated when we had to work with Caltrans- those guys were bullies.
      Anyways it’s a trip but good to see the growth.

  2. We have to give thanks to Mayor Maynard Jackson of Atlanta who made sure
    African American got a fair share of contracts to build in Atlanta during these

  3. I am proud and happy for your success. Ten years ago I was a licensed Concrete Contractor, had to close down do to lack of work/ contracts.

    Keep up the good work. Errol Boutte.

  4. Very Inspiring gives hope to others … Be strong never lost hope … Every journey of life success is always there…this is an eye opener to everybody.. Oppurtunity is Abundance….

  5. Thank you for the positive news. Please do more stories like this One. We don’t need murder, theft. And rape reported, we live it in our neighborhoods. Again, thank you.

  6. I love hearing great stories for our people of color. Congratulations on building up our communities. My husband and I are investors/landlords. We still maintain full time employment. So far we own 8 properties we rent. But my goal is too buy more. Keep Doing What U Doing, So you can keep getting what your getting. C & N McGill

  7. All Praises To The Most High GOD Our LORD and Savior – Cause Black Lives Do Matter To Become All That We Can Be And Contribute In This Life !!! Thank You All And GOD BLESS YOU !!!

    • Every building, hospital, school, and office has to be cleaned by somebody and I do believe that housekeepers , Janitorial’s Service should also be Considered to be an Essential Service because none of us can live without Sanitizing down Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Homes, the whole City

  8. I know that this is a stretch but are you able/willing to recommend any one reliable &trustworthy in Indianapolis,Indiana

  9. Fantastic achievement. Now these brothers need to get into Investing in Africa. There are billions and trillions to be made there. We would rather create trillionare Blacks than letting those who hate us come in RIP us off and then use that money to oppress us in the diaspora; USA, Europe and China. Expand like the white Americans companies are doing. Come to Africa bruv

  10. I’m a just starting Residential Remodeler with the intent to buy and buy delapetated homes remodel and help create affordable homes in our community, the Minneapolis area and beyond it’s encouraging to read a article like this.

  11. The comment about investing in Africa – it really can be done. We manufacture hi vis safety gear, and have much of it cut and sewn in Africa. We started in Rwanda… and had a great experience. The people were helped there, and it worked well from an economics model. Trouble did come, as the treaty that allows favorable importing (AGOA) was not renewed for Rwanda. So we have recently moved manufacturing to Kenya. We have been approached by another in Ethiopia. Manufacturing is beginning to gain strength there. Our office builds wells every year, and the team get an update about the region that is helped. We support Living Water International – and still build the wells in Rwanda

  12. Love what you are doing and have accomplished. Please consider investing in a black-owned bank. It was so sad to see Capitol City Bank fold.

  13. i am honored to know that we have black owned business to see this is amazing word can describe the way i feel

  14. I’m so proud of this job, i will love to work with this beautiful peolpe, i will be glad if my dream come true to work with company, pls help me out?

    • I’m sure that when This company sees your message they have no other choice but to hire you good luck!

  15. I love it. I would like to see the day where a good many of the black churches would sponser and set up black construction companies in there community which could maintain and build up their houses. Also the black construction companies should also invest in Africa, that is where they can really make some big money.God Bless.

  16. That’s awesome. We’re on the edge ATM. Hard to get to the top with out the positivity and support and Our own place. Once we find a place we can afford we can start working our way up and finally get stable. Probably not as stable as u guys tho lol. Your guys company should come to Oahu And help them build More homes for families that have kids or in our position. Maybe one day your company will end up here

  17. I am a plumbing contractor with several black employees I love hearing this today god bless keep going you made my day that a black entrepreneur succeed and more and more stories like that

  18. My Name is Diane Reeves

    I am a laid off construction worker. I have several certifications including an OSHA (30 hrs) I’m looking and trying to become a permanent fixture in a construction company. I believe, giving the opportunity, I would be a great asset to your company

  19. WOW I am blown away with admiration as I’ve seen the name many times but had no idea…..CONGRATULATIONS TO MY PEEPS

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