black owned rum

Black Owned Rum Brands You Should Know

Looking for a delicious and varied rum experience? Check out some Black owned rum brands!

These companies are innovating with flavors, honoring traditions, and redefining the art of crafting exceptional spirits.

Explore a world of distinctive tastes, rich heritage, and ideal cocktail components. Here’s your guide to some of the most exciting Black owned rum brands you should know.

Black Owned Rum Brands

Pin Drop Rum

Pin Drop Rum originated on Harbour Island, Bahamas. It is made in small batches using a combination of pot and column still distillation methods and aged for a decade in white American oak barrels.

Ten to One Rum

Ten To One Rum is a Caribbean rum brand founded by Marc Farrell in 2019. Ten To One’s name was inspired by the origin of the West Indies Federation, which consisted of 10 countries.

Liv Rum

Liv Rum is slowly fermented and triple pot-distilled to create a crazily complex flavour explosion with a long, sweet finish

Striped Lion

Striped Lion Spiced Rum starts as a pure single rum. It is fermented from organic American molasses and is 100% pot distilled in the Striped Lion Distillery located in Woodbury, New Jersey.

Matugga Rum

Black Owned Rum

An elegant spiced rum infused with a tantalizing age-old Masala Chai blend. Matugga Spiced is enriched with black tea, fresh ginger, fragrant natural spices, and a touch of Scottish honey.

Equiano Rum

Black Owned Rum

Equiano Rum is a premium rum brand that blends rums from the Caribbean and Africa. Their aged rums are matured for 8-10 years in tropical climates, using ex-Cognac and ex-Bourbon casks to create a unique and flavorful profile.

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