Acclinate Secures $7 Million to Revolutionize Health Equity and Clinical Trial Diversity

Acclinate, a Birmingham, Alabama-based healthcare technology company has secured a $7 million Series A funding round. Led by Cencora Ventures with contributions from Labcorp and Latimer Ventures, this investment fuels Acclinate’s mission to empower underserved communities and transform healthcare equity.

Building Trust, Empowering Participation

Acclinate’s approach breaks the mold of traditional clinical trial recruitment. They focus on building trust and creating long-term engagement with diverse communities. This is achieved through culturally sensitive education and outreach programs. Their platform, NOWINCLUDED, provides a safe space for individuals to learn about health issues, clinical trials, and the importance of representation in medical research.

But Acclinate goes beyond simple information sharing. They leverage data and analytics to personalize the experience for each user. This ensures individuals receive targeted information and resources relevant to their health background and interests. This fosters a sense of ownership and transforms them into active participants in their health journey.

Data-Driven Insights for Inclusive Trials

The data generated from this community engagement is another crucial aspect of Acclinate’s approach. They translate this data into actionable insights through their e-DICT (Enhanced Diversity in Clinical Trials) platform.

e-DICT: Powering Informed Decisions

This powerful tool utilizes predictive analytics technology to track user interest and report on community engagement at the individual level. This empowers organizations to:

  • Predict behavior: By understanding user interest and engagement patterns, organizations can anticipate how different communities might respond to a particular trial.
  • Plan inclusively: Armed with insights into diverse communities, organizations can design and plan clinical trials that are inclusive from the start.
  • Execute effectively: Acclinate’s data and insights help organizations refine their outreach strategies and improve their ability to connect with and enroll participants from underrepresented communities.
  • Learn and improve: The data collected throughout the trial process allows for continuous learning and improvement. Organizations can use these insights to refine their approach for future trials, ensuring ongoing progress toward greater diversity and inclusivity.

A Win for Patients and Pharma

The $7 million funding round will propel Acclinate’s growth and further enhance its data-driven approach. This benefits not only patients from diverse backgrounds who have a greater chance to participate in research and see themselves reflected in medical advancements, but also pharmaceutical companies.

By facilitating a more inclusive clinical trial landscape, e-DICT helps companies gain access to a richer pool of data, ultimately leading to the development of safer and more effective treatments that work for everyone.

Acclinate’s story is one of innovation and social impact. This investment marks a significant step towards a future where clinical trials are truly inclusive, healthcare is accessible to all, and diverse communities have a rightful voice in shaping the future of medicine.

In addition to its core platform, Acclinate offers a suite of services to further support organizations in their diversity efforts, including the Affective Trust Framework and custom training programs.

By combining community engagement with cutting-edge data analysis, Acclinate is paving the way for a future where clinical trials are truly representative of the populations they serve.

by Tony O. Lawson

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