LensRxLAB: Navy Veteran and Optometrist Partner to Revolutionize Diabetic Eye Care

Imagine the unique collaboration between a Military Submarine Force Veteran and an Optometrist.

Now, envision them uniting their expertise to confront one of today’s most pressing health challenges: diabetes.

The result? The birth of the first Black and US Navy Veteran and Optometrist-owned ophthalmic goods manufacturing company.

Enter LensRxLAB, a Philadelphia-based healthcare startup poised to redefine diabetic eye care through a blend of pioneering technology, accessibility, and social consciousness.


In this interview, Anthony Miles and Dr. Chelise Firmin share how their innovative products cater to the needs of individuals with diabetes, offering innovative healthcare delivery platforms alongside specialized lens technology.

They underscore the pivotal role of partnerships—be it with investors or strategic allies—in propelling their venture forward, aiming to scale operations with a recent $830,000 seed funding and an ambitious $3.1 million fundraising goal.

Their vision? To transform LensRxLAB into a billion-dollar enterprise fueled by innovation, commitment, and collaborative endeavors.

Join us as we explore their inventive strategies and audacious aspirations to disrupt the ophthalmic goods manufacturing sphere and extend their impact to millions worldwide.



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