How To Benefit From Government Contracts and Local Business Resources

Milligan Group LLC is a telecommunications cabling, video surveillance, and electrical services installation company.

The Philadelphia-based company specializes in providing voice, data, & fiber optics cabling infrastructure, security cameras, and electrical service solutions in virtually every working environment, including commercial, educational, medical and retail.

The company was founded in 2009 by Kariema Milligan and her husband Joseph Milligan Jr. The election of President Barack Obama was a factor in inspiring the couple to launch their business venture.

“The fact that President Obama was elected was inspiring for me. My husband and I had talked about running our own business for years and once he was elected, a light bulb went off for the both of us simultaneously. We looked at each other and said ‘it’s time’,” she recalled.

In this interview Kariema discusses:

  • Tips on how to get government contracts.
  • Biggest lessons learned doing business with the government.
  • How she and Joseph raised the capital needed to fund their business.
  • The strategies implemented that have made the biggest impact on their business.
  • The effects of support from PIDC, a Philadelphia-based local economic development organization.

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