Couples, Inc: D’Vonne and KeAnna Own a Mail Service Business

The Postman is a family-run mail service business based in Seattle, WA. This company serves the community as a one-stop-shop for all mailing needs.

The business is owned by husband and wife team, D’Vonne and KeAnna Pickett. They created The Postman in honor of D’Vonne’s grandfather, Jacques Chappell, who was a USPS mail carrier for 37 years.

We caught up with the couple to find out more about how they serve their community while mixing business and family.

The Postman
Keanna and D’Vonne Pickett..Photo credit Rachel at Freshchalk

What inspired you to start this business?

In 2016, we were informed by a real estate developer that the local USPS store would soon be leaving our neighborhood. We looked at this as a great opportunity to get into the mailbox and shipping business.

We felt confident about this decision because the mail and shipping industry serves people and creates jobs. These are values that are important to us.

Photo credit Rachel at Freshchalk

What is the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur? What is the most rewarding?

The challenging part about being an entrepreneur for us is knowing the world never stops and is constantly changing. As entrepreneurs, we understand the only constant is change.

However, the anxiety and fears we experience from change also drive us to be flexible. Being flexible in our business is what helps us create solutions that serve humanity.

Like the quote says, “It’s not the strongest or the smartest of species that services, it’s the most adaptable to change.”

the postman
Photo credit Rachel at Freshchalk

How do you balance marriage and business?

Our roles in our marriage are similar to our roles in our business. In our family, D’Vonne is the CEO as well as in our company. Meaning, he is the face of the company and is responsible for maintaining our mission and vision. Keanna is the COO and handles the details in our family as well as our company.

Although we both have titles, the total responsibility is shared because we are both owners, and to have a strong successful family and business we are invested equally.

the postman

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Believe you can succeed through experiences of failure on your quest to become a successful entrepreneur. Failures should be welcomed. Through failure, an entrepreneur can test their bandwidth. Their capacity to be stretched through different experiences on their quest to expansion. The key is to become the strength of the band as you expand.

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