Couples Inc. : Christian and Uche run a Public Relations Firm in San Antonio

EHCU Public Relations (formerly BethanyEast PR)is a San Antonio, TX based public relations firm that specializes in corporate event planning, advertising and more. We spoke to COO and Co Founder, Uche Ogba to find out how he and his wife, Christian balance business and marriage.

How did you both meet?

Christian and I met on Twitter in San Antonio, TX.  I was your typical twitter stalker at first, watching from afar and working up the courage to have a conversation with her.  I finally got a chance to introduce my self on August 19, 2018, after she asked if anyone was watching her #TweetPicTour and I responded.

I liked every photo and followed her every move that day. She then asked for recommendations on a good bar and I recommended a spot named Azuca located South of downtown San Antonio.  Told her I’ll be there, met up with her and we had the best conversation over mojitos for the next 5 hours. It was love at first sight. 6 months later we were married.

What inspired you to start a business together?

We were not necessarily inspired but instead, it was out of necessity.  EHCU Public Relations formerly known as BethanyEast PR was the brainchild and the vision shared by Christian on our first date.  She shared her goal to be a public relations professional and I told her about my goal to switch careers from a Photovoltaic Engineer to Sales & Marketing. Unfortunately, no business was interested in hiring us.  After we got married, rather than go on a honeymoon, we sold everything and decided to invest all our money in starting a business. We did not believe we were in business until Christian tore up her resume and presented a contract to our very first client.  The client signed the contract before she got home that day.

Describe your individual personalities. How you blend them in order to make the business work?

Chris is an ideator, a visionary, very observant and brutally honest.  I am very analytical, focused, highly competitive and a problem solver.  We blend our business by ensuring that we are both held accountable in our wins and our losses.  These shared experiences have enabled us to be accountable to each other. We work very well together in collectively coming to decisions and executing based on a plan and strategy.  Due to my personality, I sometimes go rouge because I get drowned in completing a minutia task, but Chris always pulls me back to focus on the bigger goals.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We see ourselves expanding and opening new EHCU PR offices in Detroit, Michigan and Lagos, Nigeria.

What advice do you have for couples that are in business together or thinking about it?

Listen and continue to communicate.


EHCU Public Relations

239 Center St, Unit 259

San Antonio, TX 78202

-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson (IG@thebusyafrican)


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