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Derrick Adams

How Artist Derrick Adams Learned About Freedom From ‘The Negro Motorist Green Book

Black Culture by

On a recent wintry morning, the multimedia artist Derrick Adams was sitting in his cozy basement studio in Brooklyn talking about distant cities and faraway times. “It’s like reading a fairy tale book. I see the names of beauty schools and men’s clubs and taverns, and I think, ‘What does that place look like?’” Mr. Adams was…

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Chronic Pain & The Opioid Epidemic: A View in Black & White

Black Thought by

I wake up every morning in chronic pain. The pain I suffer is vaguely diagnosed after going to the doctor several times this year to address the aches in my lower back and pelvis. The treatment has been a combination of ibuprofen and, at one point, six weeks of physical therapy. However, like many Americans…

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customer experience

5 Ways Black Businesses Can Improve Customer Experience

Entrepreneurs Corner by

Let’s face it, Black businesses have a horrible reputation when it comes to offering a great customer experience or customer service. Whether this stigma is justified or not, the fact remains that business should always strive to offer the best  customer experience possible. Keep these stats in mind: 78% of consumers did not make an intended…

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ZAAF CEO on Creating a Luxury Brand and Changing the Perception of Africa

ZAAF is a luxury leather goods brand that manufactures its products in Ethiopia. As an African, I love seeing us take our natural resources and create world class brands that can compete with the usual household names that we’ve been trained to desire. I wanted to know more about this brand and the brain behind…

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kweliTV is Sharing The Stories of The Global Black Community

All Posts/Black Money by

Even in 2018, it can be a struggle to find diverse and positive depictions of Black folk on TV or the big screen. Thankfully, kweliTV is working to resolve that issue. We spoke with CEO, Deshuna Shencer. This is what she had to say: SB: What inspired you to start kweliTV? DS: The inspiration to…

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Caribbean Restaurants

Top 10 Caribbean Restaurants In The UK

Caribbean cuisine is known and enjoyed for its exotic flavour. Our list of Caribbean Restaurants in the United Kingdom has some great choices that will leave those taste buds tingling. Hopefully, you can handle the spice! Caribbean Restaurants In The UK PandaBerry Caribbean restaurant & Jerk centre. We are family run business dedicated to serving you…

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Revisiting MLK Day: A Look at Martin Luther King Jr. and Economic Justice

All Posts/Black Thought by

In a letter to Coretta Scott during the summer of 1952, about a year before they would marry, Martin Luther King Jr. wooed her with his sentiments on economic principles following a few tender lines of poetry. “I imagine you already know that I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic,” he…

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African Restaurants

Top 12 African Restaurants in The UK

Whether you’re looking for savory dishes that originate from the East, West or South of the Continent, this list of African Restaurants in the United Kingdom has some great choices to explore. African Restaurants in the UK Couscous Darna deals in the fragrant and warming dishes of Marrakesh. They serve a unique list of Moroccan beers,…

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Drake Wants You To Invest In His Whisky Brand

Black Money by

Award winning rapper, Drake, in collaboration with entrepreneur Brent Hocking,  yesterday announced the intention to file an initial public offering that will allow any investor the opportunity to invest in their company, Virginia Black Whisky. The company launched a national commercial campaign on November 19, 2017 airing nation-wide on CBS, ABC, and TNT among other networks during NFL,…

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Ancient Modern: Designer Hadiya Williams on Her Work and Inspiration

Aesthetics + Design by

In 2018, we’re launching a new section: Aesthetics + Design. Our love of architecture, the arts and timeless design is married to our commitment to supporting the brilliant creatives that produce the work that adds value and beauty to our lives. Featuring architects, curators, artists, creators and makers, we’re excited to celebrate those most visually…

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