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Furlough Cheesecakes

Sisters’ Furlough Cheesecakes Will Soon Be Sold In Walmart

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It was back in January when sisters Nikki Howard and Jaqui Wright found themselves furloughed and without income during the partial government shutdown. Howard worked in human resources at the Food and Drug Administration, while Wright worked as an analyst for the Department of Justice. “We had bills due and no paychecks coming in, including…

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Black Psychiatrist

How a Black Psychiatrist Shaped “Sesame Street” As a Tool Against Racism

Sesame Street is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The rush of stories and social posts about the iconic children’s TV show has inspired numerous stories about Muppets and cast members. Few, however, noted the role of Dr. Chester Pierce, a Black psychiatrist and Harvard Medical School professor who was instrumental to the show’s early development…

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Black Grocery Coop

Black Grocery Coop Celebrates 10 Years and an Expansion

Mandela Grocery is a Black Grocery coop that’s on a mission to nourish their neighborhood of West Oakland with healthy food, wellness resources, and collective ownership. Their full-service grocery store sources from entrepreneurs and farmers in California with a focus on black and brown farmers and food makers. Prior to 2009, residents of West Oakland…

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Black Owned Piano Manufacturing Business

The First Black Owned Piano Manufacturing Business

Warren Shadd is the founder of Shadd Piano, the first Black owned piano manufacturing business. That makes him the first large-scale commercial Black instrument manufacturer, period. For Shadd, piano making is part of his birthright. His grandparents were musicians: His grandmother was a ragtime pianist in the South in the ’30s, and his grandfather invented…

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black banks

24 Black Banks That Are Still Operating In 2019

The number Black banks operating in the U.S. fell 54 percent between 2001 and 2016. Many have either been acquired or have simply gone out of business. We’ve compiled the most recent and up to date list of the banks that are still Black owned and managed and are still operating in 2019. Black Banks…

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black bank

Why Black Banks Need Policy Support, Not Just Deposits

Few institutions are as strongly connected to black communities as historically black banks. Where others see neighborhoods that are too risky or, conversely, only targets for predatory lending, they see differently. Joseph Haskins, CEO of The Harbor Bank of Maryland, tells of a black entrepreneur from an inner-city neighborhood who came needing a loan to…

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Fab 5 Freddy

New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center Acquires Collection of Fab 5 Freddy

Some 120 boxes of archived notebooks, screenplays, fliers, and photography from the collection of hip-hop legend Fred “Fab 5 Freddy” Brathwaite are headed to the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem. More than half the materials in the archive are audio and video, though also included in the…

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black beaches

Six Historically Black Beaches to Visit This Summer

When we think of black history often times vacation destinations are left out of our dialogue. Our past is well documented with stories of slavery, plantations, and oppressive reality yet little do we hear about how some of our ancestors and those who came before us got to celebrate their lives. As I decided to…

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coloring book app

Husband and Wife team create a Coloring Book App For the Culture

Over the past few years, adult coloring books have become increasing popular. Some researchers suggest that coloring is an excellent form of relaxation and meditation. Enter Color Noir, a coloring book app that celebrates #BlackGirlMagic in all of its glory. This coloring book app is the creation of tech power couple Muoyo Okome and Nicaila…

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yo stay hungry

Yo Stay Hungry is Serving Culinary Competition’s for The Culture

Yo Stay Hungry is a live culinary competition bridging hip hop with food and beverage. It began in 2015 as a citywide culinary competition for high school students in Queens, NY. We caught up with founder, Syreeta Gates to find out more about how she and her team are using food and hip hop to…

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