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black gun ownership

Discussing Black Gun Ownership With The President Of The National African American Gun Association

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We recently discussed Black gun ownership with Philip Smith, the national president and founder of the National African American Gun Association…

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Black Owned Feminine Hygiene Businesses You Should Know

The global feminine hygiene products market was worth $26 Billion in 2019. Increasing awareness of women’s health and hygiene and…

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She Owns Two 7-Elevens and is Achieving Record Sales With a Black Owned Wine Brand

Alyson Rae Lawson is the CEO of RaeLawson Enterprise LLC, franchisee/operator of two 7-Eleven convenience stores (with gas stations) located…

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The Xavier Dillard Experiment: Two HBCU Presidents Pushing the COVID Vaccine On Their Students

The presidents of Xavier and Dillard University, C. Reynold Verret and Walter M. Kimbrough, sent an open letter last Wednesday…

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African and African American Entrepreneurs Collaborate to Build a Community in Ghana

Kofi Anku is a shareholder and board member of Ayi Mensah Park, a vibrant of 200 unit townhouse community nestled…

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racial wealth gap

The Racial Wealth Gap, Political Power vs Economic Power, and Reparations with Mehrsa Baradaran

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Mehrsa Baradaran is the author of the best selling book, “The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth…

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black architect

From Harlem to Howard: Stephen Wilder, A Black Architect On the Rise

In preparation for an upcoming aesthetics and design-based project, I’ve begun interviewing folks whose line of work is centered on…

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