Blackstock & Weber

Blackstock & Weber is Reinventing the Penny Loafer

Brooklyn-based Blackstock & Weber isn’t your typical fashion and lifestyle brand. Founded in 2017 by Chris Echevarria, the brand has carved a unique niche for itself by offering limited-edition footwear with a modern twist on classic styles.

Blackstock & Weber
Chris Echevarria

Echevarria, a veteran of the fashion industry, leveraged his experience to launch Blackstock & Weber from his own apartment. He bypassed the traditional route and sought out a respected English factory known for crafting shoes for Thom Browne.

This focus on quality is evident in Blackstock & Weber’s products, known for their use of premium materials and Goodyear welt construction.

The brand rose to prominence with its take on the penny loafer. Echevarria is credited with playing a role in the recent loafer resurgence. But Blackstock & Weber’s loafers aren’t old-fashioned copies. They feature modern details and a focus on comfort, making them ideal for the everyday wearer.

While some might compare Blackstock & Weber to streetwear brands due to their limited-edition releases, Echevarria himself disputes this. The brand prioritizes quality and craftsmanship over fleeting trends.

They offer a range of styles beyond loafers, including collaborations with partners like J.Crew and Kith. This ability to cater to a wide range of tastes speaks to the versatility of Blackstock & Weber’s design philosophy.

Blackstock & Weber represents a new wave of menswear brands. They bridge the gap between high-end quality and a contemporary, accessible aesthetic. The company’s focus on small-batch production ensures exclusivity, while Echevarria’s commitment to quality guarantees a product built to last.

Blackstock & Weber is a name to watch as they continue to redefine classic menswear staples for the modern age.

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