Black Owned British Fashion

Black Owned British Fashion Brands You Should Know

From innovative streetwear to luxurious couture, Black owned British fashion brands offer a refreshing and inspiring perspective that resonates on both local and global stages.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on these creative visionaries and their exceptional brands, highlighting the must-know names that are shaping the future of fashion.

Black Owned British Fashion Brands

Tolu Coker

Tolu Coker is a British-Nigerian fashion designer known for her vibrant, socially conscious designs. She often explores themes of identity and heritage, using recycled materials and handcraft techniques.

Wales Bonner

Black owned british

Founded in 2014 by Grace Wales Bonner, Wales Bonner is celebrated for blending European and African influences. With her Jamaican heritage, the British designer explores themes of identity, heritage, and representation in her acclaimed fashion brand.

Kai Collective

Kai Collective is a London-based contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand intentionally crafted to make women feel their most confident. They are home to the famous Gaia dress and are known for vibrant unique prints and silhouettes.


Lisou is a London-based womenswear brand specializing in luxurious silk pieces with bold, exclusive prints. Their classic silhouettes with a modern twist are designed to be worn for years.


Black Owned British Fashion

Casely-Hayford is a British fashion brand founded in 2009 by Joe Casely-Hayford and his son Charlie Casely-Hayford. The label is known for its unique blend of bespoke tailoring and contemporary streetwear, creating stylish and comfortable garments.


Black Owned British Fashion

A-Cold-Wall* is a British luxury menswear brand founded in 2015 by designer Samuel Ross. The brand is known for its unique blend of streetwear and high fashion, often incorporating elements of industrial design and architecture into its clothing.

Farai London

Black Owned British Fashion

Farai London is a fashion label known for its bold, statement-making designs. Their clothing and dresses feature distinctive prints with daring cuts, perfect for the confident woman who loves to stand out.

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