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How Sister-Owned Brown and Coconut is Transforming Sensitive Skin Care

Frustrated by their experiences with harsh skincare products, sisters Letisha and Zeena embarked on a mission to create gentle, natural solutions.

This journey, which began in a kitchen, led to the founding of Brown and Coconut, a skincare company dedicated to plant-based formulas and natural ingredients.

Brown and Coconut’s product line includes balancing face wash, hydrating face oil, replenishing toner, and brightening face polish. Their products offer relief to those struggling with acne, eczema, and sensitive skin.

Let’s explore their story and discover how they’re building a brand that nourishes both the skin and the planet.

What initially inspired you to create Brown and Coconut? Was there a personal experience or a gap in the market you identified?

Our journey with Brown and Coconut began from a personal journey in healing our problematic skin. We started with a blog, where we’d chat about everything from tasty, healthy recipes to our daily skincare routines, and share our battles with conditions like acne, eczema, and allergies. Our skin had faced a lot, propelling us to seek out skincare products that were effective and gentle, using natural, plant-based ingredients.

However, time and again, we found ourselves frustrated by products on the market that were filled with harsh or allergenic ingredients. So we decided to roll up our sleeves and start in our kitchen, hunting for the most effective, gentle ingredients we could find.

What started as a small-scale project in our kitchen has grown to so much more. We partnered with a professional lab, enabling us to bring our products to others on the same journey, offering solutions that nourish and heal without causing further irritation. This growth has allowed us to reach out and help those looking for skincare products that are truly meant for sensitive skin.

As a sister-owned company, how do you leverage each other’s skills and personalities to run Brown and Coconut effectively? 

Running Brown and Coconut together as sisters is pretty special. We’ve got this unique ability to just ‘get’ each other, especially when it comes to playing to our strengths. Letisha is the numbers guru. She’s got a real knack for handling all the finances like a pro. On the flip side, Zeena dives into the creative end, particularly with social media.

Where we both really find our spark is in coming up with new products. The best part about working with your sister is that it’s easy to see when one of us needs a break or a little extra support. We always have each other’s backs, no questions asked.

How does Brown and Coconut approach sustainability in its packaging and practices?

At Brown and Coconut, being eco-friendly is at the core of what we do. We repurpose incoming packaging and use recyclable materials for our products, choosing glass bottles and recyclable boxes for shipping. Instead of plastic tape, we use paper tape, and we skip paper invoices to reduce waste. We also pay a fee for every order that comes in to offset our carbon emissions.

If you could wake up tomorrow as an expert in any business skill, what would it be?

We would say Public Relations. We definitely need a way to get Brown and Coconut in front of more people. As a small business with limited resources, it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start.

What are some of the most rewarding moments you’ve had since founding Brown and Coconut?

Definitely opening our first pop-up store in Boston. We managed everything from designing the layout to organizing the staff. It gave us a real glimpse into what it would be like to run our own permanent store, which is something we dream of for the future.

I would also say reading customer reviews. Running a business can sometimes be so busy that it’s easy to overlook the small, yet important, victories. Whenever a new review shows up, it instantly brings us back to why we started Brown and Coconut in the first place and reminds us of the positive impact we’ve had on our customers.

Brown and Coconut

What is your vision for Brown and Coconut in the next 5 years? 

Over the next five years, our biggest hope for Brown and Coconut is to connect with and help more people who are dealing with acne or sensitive skin, and even people who are just looking for high quality skin care that is crafted to work with our skin and is not just another product on the market.

We also dream of opening a physical store right here in Massachusetts. Having a brick-and-mortar location would allow us to meet our customers face-to-face, making our products even more accessible.

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