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black owned swimwear

17 Black Owned Swimwear Brands for Men and Women

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Looking for a way to hit up the beach or pool in style? Check out our list of Black owned swimwear brands that will have you turning heads. Black Owned Swimwear Brands Riot Swim Ten and Lee These Pink Lips Nakimuli  Eyegasmic Swimwear Rue 107  Andrea Iyamah  Asherah Swimwear  B Fyne    Swank Blue  D’iyanu…

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Stevie Wonder mural 

100 Foot Stevie Wonder Mural Completed in Downtown Detroit

A monumental mural of Stevie Wonder can now be seen outside the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts downtown Detroit. The mural was painted by London-based artist Richard Wilson and is based on the iconic photograph by Douglas Kirkland. Wilson started the project on Wonder’s 69th birthday in May but work was delayed due to weather…

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vegan food truck

Jaden Smith Launches a Free Vegan Food Truck To Feed LA’s Homeless

Jaden Smith has launched a vegan food truck that serves free food to people on Skid Row, an area of LA that contains one of the United States’ largest homeless populations. He made the announcement yesterday via Instagram. The rapper and actor is also co-founder of the eco-friendly company JUST Water. The company has also…

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Black Owned Restaurant

Black Owned Restaurant Partners with Walmart to create over 30 Jobs

Cornbread is a unique Black owned restaurant that is creating jobs and a space where traditional soul food dishes are prepared using ingredients that are free of steroids and hormones. Recently, the restaurant announced that they are working with Walmart to expand into three Walmart stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. All three restaurant locations will open…

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Black Woman

Meet the Black Woman who owns the only Pro Women’s sports team in St. Louis

There are very few women owned sports teams. There are even less sports teams owned by a young Black woman. Khalia Collier, owner and general manager of the St. Louis Surge, is doing her part to change that. What inspired your decision to own a sports franchise?  The opportunity to create something in my city…

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black real estate developer

This Black Real Estate Developer is Launching a $500 Million fund for Minority Developers

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Roy Donahue “Don” Peebles is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Peebles Corporation, the largest Black owned real estate development and ownership company in the US, with a multibillion-dollar development portfolio of luxury hotels, high-rise residential and commercial properties. He recently announced that his firm will be launching a $500 million investment…

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Furlough Cheesecakes

Sisters’ Furlough Cheesecakes Will Soon Be Sold In Walmart

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It was back in January when sisters Nikki Howard and Jaqui Wright found themselves furloughed and without income during the partial government shutdown. Howard worked in human resources at the Food and Drug Administration, while Wright worked as an analyst for the Department of Justice. “We had bills due and no paychecks coming in, including…

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Black Psychiatrist

How a Black Psychiatrist Shaped “Sesame Street” As a Tool Against Racism

Sesame Street is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The rush of stories and social posts about the iconic children’s TV show has inspired numerous stories about Muppets and cast members. Few, however, noted the role of Dr. Chester Pierce, a Black psychiatrist and Harvard Medical School professor who was instrumental to the show’s early development…

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Black Grocery Coop

Black Grocery Coop Celebrates 10 Years and an Expansion

Mandela Grocery is a Black Grocery coop that’s on a mission to nourish their neighborhood of West Oakland with healthy food, wellness resources, and collective ownership. Their full-service grocery store sources from entrepreneurs and farmers in California with a focus on black and brown farmers and food makers. Prior to 2009, residents of West Oakland…

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Black Owned Piano Manufacturing Business

The First Black Owned Piano Manufacturing Business

Warren Shadd is the founder of Shadd Piano, the first Black owned piano manufacturing business. That makes him the first large-scale commercial Black instrument manufacturer, period. For Shadd, piano making is part of his birthright. His grandparents were musicians: His grandmother was a ragtime pianist in the South in the ’30s, and his grandfather invented…

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