Pierre Laguerre

Pierre Laguerre Launches Academy To Show How He Created a Multi-Million Dollar Trucking Business

Pierre Laguerre is the founder of Fleeting, a trucking and fleet management services company that he grew to $4.5 million in revenue in just 3 years. Pierre is also the first Black man to raise over $1 million via crowdfunding platforms.

To show others how he raised capital for his trucking business and how he has managed to run it so successfully, he is launching  Pierre’s Academy, a comprehensive entrepreneurial trucking academy.

We caught up with him to find out more about this new venture and why he is passionate about it.

Pierre Laguerre
Pierre Laguerre

Why did you decide to launch Pierre’s Academy?

After spending 19 years in the trucking industry as a driver and a successful entrepreneur myself, I eventually learned that 40% of the workforce in this $800 billion industry are minorities. Notice, I said workforce, not business owners!

I quickly realized this was an untapped market for minorities to become entrepreneurs and build generational wealth. Not that minorities don’t know this market exists, they just never have been exposed to the business side of the transportation industry.

I decided to launch Pierre’s Academy to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about the business opportunities in trucking. I want to teach as many people how to build their own trucking dispatching business or their trucking companies right in the comfort of their homes.

I want to show them how to make six figures while adding value to one of the most critical stakeholders in trucking, our truckers.

Who is this course for?

This course is pretty much for anyone that’s seeking financial freedom. Everyone from stay-at-home moms that are looking to maximize their earnings, to young men and women from underserved communities who are desperately looking for a way out of their current circumstances.

How is this course different from others?

There are a lot of social media influencers who teach trucking but the majority of them have never spent a day in a trucking operation, nor have they built or managed a business and a team. Their goal is to sell courses instead of adding value and solving a specific problem in trucking,. They often do this at the expense of minorities looking for an opportunity.

So, one of the main reasons why my courses are different from others is the fact that I actually drove trucks for 19 years, I built a staffing agency and a trucking company to $4.5M in revenue in 3 years, and I’m currently the founder and CEO of a transportation tech company called Fleeting which I launched in 2019 and already did over $5m in revenue.

In other words, they get to learn directly from an industry veteran who has done the work and also failed numerous times. With my courses, they can start earning right away after completion.

What information can potential students expect to receive from the course?

The first and most important information students can expect to receive from this course is how to make money in trucking without being a driver. They can expect to learn about every stakeholder in transportation and the challenges they face daily.

They will learn how to build and maintain relationships with key partners ( shippers, carriers, freight brokers, and truck drivers),  the industry dos and don’ts as well as how to communicate effectively.

Students will learn how to start their business from scratch with no prior experience and how to quickly scale. I will also provide one-on-one coaching and support.

Visit Pierre online for more information about course registration or a one-on-one consultation.

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