National Standard Abstract

Over $2 Billion Closed by Black-Owned Title Insurance Firm National Standard Abstract

National Standard Abstract, the leading Black-owned firm in the title insurance industry, has reached a major milestone by closing over $2 billion in transactions. The driving force behind this family enterprise, Osei Rubie, and his son, Nadir Rubie, are setting a new standard for excellence.

“With 1 million ways to fail, we came up with 2 billion reasons to succeed as Black entrepreneurs,” says Osei Rubie, President and Founder of National Standard Abstract. “In the last eight years, we have developed a blueprint to close the opportunity gap and build generational wealth within the communities we reflect and serve.”

National Standard Abstract
Osei Rubie, Founder and President of National Standard Abstract

The Rubies’ multi-billion-dollar portfolio includes notable commercial and residential transactions, including affordable, faith-based, and market-rate developments in the New York metropolitan area. They have streamlined the title insurance process for projects of any size, with decades of experience and public-private partnerships.

“This $2 billion milestone is significant because it illustrates the correlation between representation, investment in marginalized communities, and their long-term impact on thousands seeking jobs or homes for their families,” says Nadir Rubie, Partner at National Standard Abstract. “I am proud of what we have accomplished by being true to ourselves since day one. We value every client and partner because relationships matter; that is the core principle of our business.”

National Standard Abstract
Nadir Rubie, Partner at National Standard Abstract

Amoy Chin, Vice President of Closing Operations at National Standard Abstract, shares her insight, “Every problem solved brings us one step closer to our mutual goal of transforming communities. We have supported our diverse clientele for the past eight years at every phase. It has been an incredible experience to watch the progression of their confidence alongside their projects.”

National Standard Abstract‘s first year in business saw transactions ranging from $24 million to $43 million in Brooklyn, and its portfolio has grown exponentially since then. This year, they will close individual commercial transactions exceeding $300 million and provide title insurance for a significant pipeline of multifamily apartment buildings in New York City.

The firm has expanded its footprint into philanthropy through the Osei Rubie Charitable Fund to help end racial inequity and support community-based organizations working on the ground to create real change.

A percentage of every closed transaction goes towards empowering people of African descent through education, entrepreneurship, youth programming, sports, and community development.

by Tony O. Lawson

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  1. This blowing my mine at my age and a black mom of 3 sons and 2 grandson and 2 daughter’s and 2 granddaughter that I would love for they talent to reach high expectations like this but how it’s hard when we live in you never be nothing in life oh don’t get it twisted they all work 2&3 jobs to make end meet it’s the trust issues with them and believe it we are Godly people I believe in the man upstairs just love what you all have show me to read just make me push hard and truly believe it can work .Bless All you all

  2. Rubies’ achievements and their unwavering commitment to serving communities are commendable. I look forward to seeing their continued success in creating positive change through their real estate projects. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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