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Black Banks That Are Still Operating In 2020

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The number of Black banks operating in the U.S. fell 54 percent between 2001 and 2016. Many have either been acquired or have simply gone out of business.

We’ve compiled the most recent and up to date list of the banks that are still Black owned and managed and are still operating in 2020.

Black Banks

Alamerica Bank (Birmingham, AL)

Broadway Federal Bank  (Los Angeles, CA)

Carver Federal Savings Bank (New York, NY)

Carver State Bank (Savannah, GA)

Citizens Trust Bank (Atlanta, GA)

black banks
Citizens Trust Bank

Citizen Trust Bank (Birmingham, AL)

Citizens Bank (Nashville, TN)

Columbia Savings and Loan (Milwaukee, WI)

City National Bank (Newark, NJ)

Commonwealth National Bank (Mobile, AL)

First Independence Bank (Detroit, MI)

The Harbor Bank (Baltimore, MD)

GN Bank (Chicago, IL)

Industrial Bank (Washington D.C.)

black banks
Industrial Bank

Liberty Bank (New Orleans, LA)

Liberty Bank (Baton Rouge, LA)

Liberty Bank (Kansas City, MO)

Liberty Bank (Chicago, IL)

Liberty Bank (Jackson, MS)

Mechanics & Farmers Bank (Durham, NC)

OneUnited Bank (Miami, FL)

OneUnited Bank (Boston, MA)

United Bank of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)

Unity National Bank (Houston, TX)



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  1. My name is Jacqueline Anderson-Smith and I’m an African American female and a director at Alamerica Bank in Birmingham, Alabama. There are two African American owned banks in Alabama. I can be reached at 205-558-4600 should you care to learn more about the bank.

    • Hi Jacqueline thanks for introducing yourself and your bank. I was wondering if your bank has ever considered business abroad. I am in South Africa and would love to have a black-owned bank to bank with.

  2. Tri-State Bank of Memphis (Memphis, TN) is still a Black owned Bank! It was only acquired for about 3 months where it did not have a Black CEO.

  3. Why are Black owned banks still following the guidelines of white owned banks?? They will give African Americans loans easier to do unnecessary spending in personal loans but decline on business loans to expand or build up their businesses… where is the real help in this situation??

  4. There is black empowerment but also self segregation which ultimately does more harm in the long run. A black bank simply will not survive in a world where only 16% of the population may conduct its business.

      • There’s not one black Bank in New Jersey I purchased my house in 1999 and have all the documents that it’s been paid for in full . I file claim with the FTC for ID theft and more I have done the county is not release my information to the credit bureaus now I can’t use my house for Equity what can I do we need a black bank in our area I need help on this one I’ve been at my home now for 48 years and can’t get an equity loan your comment appreciate it we have to own a homes to support black Banks with our Equity free and clear

        • Sam Morris did you ever get an answer relating to your post? I am also ready to support Black own but we need reliable people and answers. Everyone is telling us to stop being victims but continuing to victimize the Black Natives. Believe it or not, we HAVE been fighting for OUR EQUITY, plus much more even before we were enslaved and brought to the Americans. Sam your house is a home that should be valued and used for its Equity. Where is the support?

  5. Questions:
    -What can my community do to get a Black owned bank to branch out into our community?
    -We are constantly seeing other banks being built and/or populate it seems over night. When black own banks are declining.
    -Can communities request city/county accounts be shared in different banks since it is our tax money which generate the funds.

  6. I actually did research tonight concerning this issue. Have been in business for 26 years and seems like other banks (non-black owned) are not in the business of help the depositors but just using the deposits to make their shareholder reports look good but no support for the depositors.

  7. It’s crazy how it seems it’s only one bank in each state, well for nj and Florida wtf. Why aren’t these banks branching out and building in other places? People travel a d move all the time

  8. I’m interested in the development of a strong black owned bank that actually supports and assists its customers with a means to expand. JP Morgan and his gang is virtually everywhere and have the marketing power to pull customers looking for great assentives. I want to be part of something great that can become greater for the future.

  9. Looking for a group of minorities that would be willing to assist in putting together a community plan to strengthen our communities. I am in the process of working on a road map for a pilot project that would involve wrap-around resources to assist in moving a community forward in hopes that the model can be used if it is successful. If you are interested, it will be an online brainstorming project. Please let me know if you would be interested in devoting at least one hour per week to add to the group and discuss various ideas? Please join our group if you are interested or contact me at wonday4me1@aol.comwith questions.

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