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Black Owned Nail Salons You Should Know

I was scrolling through our Instagram page @shoppeblack and saw a video of a Black woman being attacked at an Asian nail salon in Brooklyn. Someone filmed employees of a nail salon attacking a customer with a broom and throwing liquid at her while she tries to fight them off.

The video which has since gone viral has led to multiple arrests, public outrage, and protests calling for the salon to shut down.

I’m going to file this incident under “Another reason to Support Black Owned Businesses.” In this case, Black owned nail salons.

While I know that there were training and entrepreneurship programs set up in the US for Asian immigrants, particularly Vietnamese women who still dominate ownership in the eight billion dollar nail industry, I still question why there are so few Black owned salons and/or why we choose not to go to them if we know about them.

That said, in response to some of your comments about us needing and wanting Black-owned nail salons to patronize, we’ve compiled a list around the US and internationally. (#BlackBusinessesInTheDiasporaMatterToo).

I’m sure we left out a few, so feel free to add another Black owned nail salons that do good work in the comments. And note, we’re not just talking about just any Black owned nail salons, but those that are clean, aesthetically nice, where they do good work and where customer service matters.

Black Owned Nail Salons

Marché Rue Dix (Brooklyn)

Free Edge Beauty Studio (Brooklyn)

Free Edge Beauty Studio

Dera Ebele’s Nail Boutique (Franklin Square, NY)

Dera Ebele’s Nail Boutique

SHIC by Soketah’s (Brooklyn, NY)

Palms Nail Bar (Arlington, TX)

Shine Nails (Chicago, IL)

A Polished Work Nail Spa Lounge (Chicago, IL)

A Polished Work Nail Spa Lounge

Beautiful Sisters Nail Spa (Chicago, IL)

Beautiful Sisters Nail Spa

Simply Panache Nail Bar and Pedi Spa (Hampton, VA)

Nails by Tiara (Atlanta, GA)

Poochiez Pawz Nail Studio (Atlanta, GA)

Poochiez Pawz

Divine Designz (Jacksonville, NC)

Alicia B Nail Bar (Columbia, SC)

Artisan Nail Studio (Charlotte, NC)

Studio 7 The Salon and Spa (Baltimore, MD)

Cre8tions Nail Spa (District Heights, MD)

Scrub Nail Boutique (Baltimore, MD)

Ms.Glitter Nail Lounge and Spa (Oakland, CA)

Ms.Glitter Nail Lounge and Spa

Powder Beauty Co (Los Angeles, CA)

Powder Beauty Co

Blessed By Beedy Nails (New Orleans, LA)

Z Luxury (West Hartford, CT)

Cher-Mère (Ontario, Canada)

Colour Riot Nails (London, UK)

Colour riot

Class Act Nails (Marietta, GA)

Nails by Keda (Cleveland, OH)

The Nail Tailor (San Pedro, CA)

Nola Organic Spa (New Orleans, LA)

Klassy Koats (Houston, TX)

Klassy Koats

-Tony O. Lawson

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  1. Need some in Hartford, Ct. Seem like these people are losing their minds.

    Would be a great investment for someone with the finances.

  2. Great roundup as always! I’m a client of Pretty Natural Nail Salon in Stone Mountain, GA and would love to add them to the list. The owner Yolanda is a sweetheart, customer service is exceptional and they specialize healthy, natural nails, for those of us who want to avoid the chemicals and toxins. @prettynaturalnailsalon

  3. I love to see all of the black owned nail shops, want to show some love to Rockstar Nails located in Arlington, Tx which is also black owned. The owner has a Manicure instructor school as well located in Texas.

  4. I have been saying this for years we need to support each other . I would love for Memphis to have one and my plans are to one day be on this list. #girlboss

      • Perfect 10 Nail Salon in Tampa, Florida is also black owned, Kim Mallard has been doing nails for over 30 years. If you are in Tampa or the surrounding area and searching for a professional nail salon. Please contact Perfect 10 (813)833-9831 the shop is located at 2705 East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Tampa Florida 33610

    • Coming soon! Peacock in Pearls Nail and Barber Spa. We are looking at spots along Colonial Drive (to accommodate those who stay in Maitland) and OBT. Remember the name. Opening fall 2019

    • Amazingly, Orlando is the cheapest area to open a business. My husband and I are from South Florida and well…you can already imagine the cost to open a business down there. We have been blessed to find some spots along Colonial Drive for $20k already equipped. Check Craigslist. You can find some real good spots.

      • This is not a criticism but more or revealing a problem. Some mistakingly believe black customers are failing to support black nail shops. Consider that if the black owned nail shop is invisible and/or does not market and advertise and/or primarily relies on word of mouth the shop does not exist.
        Market your business!! in such a way that we know it is black owned.
        Then tell the black owned nail shops in Kissimmee Fl.

    • Anyone know of a great nail tech that’s bomb at pedicures in the Broward county Florida area? Preferably Fort Lauderdale/Lauderhill & surrounding areas?

  5. How about Tacoma (not Seattle), Washington? I’ve been going to a place for 10 years and they are good…sometimes the new staff are a little stubborn but I would like to support a shop, mobile or home based African-American business (no dogs) in the community.

  6. Are there any black owned salons near Sugarland or Katy/ Richmond area? Or even in Houston? New to the area and would love to support!

  7. I have been looking for a black nail tech in the Fort Lauderdale area for over 1 yr now still no luck. Please please if anybody know of anyone. I do my nails sparingly and that is because I really don’t want to support those professionals that look like me..

    • I have a friend who does WONDERFUL nails in Fort Lauderdale. Her name is Ms. Tee and her mother, Debbie. They do nails and have a shop on Sunset Strip. It is in a plaza right next door to a convienent store. The only plaza with a store along Sunset Strip. If you are coming from University Drive, it will be on the left hand side. If you are coming from Sunrise Blvd, it will be on your right. I hope you like it!

  8. It starts from the top, including where we buy supply’s from. I would love to be featured in an article we have a revolutionary nail product that impact the industry bringing diversity and equality. I also read the Madam CJ walker article we definitely have to connect. Please forward the information and pass along

  9. This is such a great article. According to Statista, “there are over 50,000 nail salons in the USA and about 440,000 nail technicians.” Now, just imagine the number we represent in the industry, which isn’t the great at all.

    We would love for you to feature “Black-Owned Nail Polish Companies”. As the owner of a cosmetic company, which includes nail polish, I know first-hand the impact we can have in this industry if we work together.

  10. I am an African American and own my 5-star nail salon near Oakland, CA.

    However, I’d love to know where all the Black owned business are in my area and beyond. Is there anyway you can survey people to determine where more Black own salons are located. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s a lot more than we think. 😉

    Delane’s Natural Nail Care

    • Thank you so much! I live in the Bay Area and was looking for a black owned salon. I will definitely be dropping by soon (whenever the Coronavirus improves enough).

  11. Pittsburgh, PA:

    Ambiance Hair & Nail Gallery
    Laced Beauty Bar
    Aliya Wray’s

    These are just a few places I can think of off top; there are a few more. I go to Ambiance which is located at 1231 Federal St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212.
    (412) 403-8257

  12. Hi my name is Tiffany c. I own my own nail shop here in San Antonio at 1015 west Hildebrand San Antonio Texas 78212 if you ladys are ever here check me out on Facebook @ Tiffany Covarrubias or Timelessnailz or ig@timelessnailz

  13. I found this Tiffany via Facebook made an appointment the following Saturday I sat down in front of her and looked her dead in her face and said look before you do my nails I need you to know something I’m serious about my nails and I’m serious about my nail tech if you do my nails we are in a relationship
    Tiffany laughed and say we go together. I’ve been with Tiffany and Timeless nails for over 2 years I love her work she is eager to please she has all the trendy items and she’s well-versed in her craft what she can do old-school sculpture Nails in free hand art on average my nails last from four to six weeks if you’re ever in San Antonio please come see Tiffany.

  14. Don’t forget Polish Change Nail Studio in Maryland. She is the only true non-toxic and eco-friendly nail salon in the state AND the sister even creates and manufactures her own line of non-toxic nail polish. Isn’t interested that OPI has never done a collection inspired by the colors of Africa but has done everything from Asia to Europe?

  15. Does anyone know of any black owned salons or nail techs in Atlanta that do SNS nails? I cannot find even one and that’s the only thing I use on my nails religiously. Please help! Seeing how much I spend on my nails, I would much rather put that back in the community. Ooh if anyone does eyebrow threading too, that’d also be great.

    • It’s in the Vinings area of Atlanta but try The Posh Spot. Black owned & they do SNS, I’ve been going there for over 10 years 🙂 They do eyebrow tweezing & waxing but not threading currently.

  16. Black Owned Nails in Pittsburgh, PA

    Posh Nail Boutique
    by Desiree Scott (Pittsburgh, PA (mobile once/twice a month) and Atlanta, GA (65 Bennett Street Suite 11 Atlanta, GA 30309 470-800-1189

    Pampered Living, LLC
    by Tasha Livingston
    Mobile Self-Care Services (Nail services, In office, At Home Spa Parties, Mommy and Me nail services)

  17. Custom Beauty Spa, St. Petersburg Florida, 3600 49th N in St Pete. Recently opened, excellent ownership and staff. Support! Support!! Support!!!

  18. I really want to be with my own people I live in philly , if you know a black own nail salon please let me know.

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