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22 Howard University Alumni Owned Businesses (Pt2)

We’re extremely proud and excited to present our second list of Howard University Alumni Owned Businesses! Be amazed. Be inspired. Support…

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Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn You Should Know

Over the past decade, countless Black owned businesses in Brooklyn (and nationwide) have fallen victim to gentrification. Rising rents and…

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public polocy

6 Black Issues That Public Policy Must Address Immediately

Despite the importance of economic empowerment, I would argue that political power plays a bigger role in wealth creation. Political…

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Economic Activism: A Viable Long Term Strategy

To state the painfully obvious, innocent Black people are being murdered by police on a consistent basis. The Prison Industrial…

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: #BLACKSPENDINGMATTERS

Once again, due to gross state sanctioned violence against our communities, thousands of people are calling for other economic strategies…

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