African Tailors

12 African Tailors You Should Know

Anyone who has tried to find reliable African tailors knows it can be a struggle. Finding the right tailor is like finding the right barber who wont mess up your hairline or the hairstylist that won’t butcher your edges.



African tailor

More facts….

Thankfully, our fam at NaijaMadeMe put out a call for Nigerian tailors and folks came through. Here are some of the tailors we came across and a few others we know of personally.

African Tailors

Mangishi Doll

Becca Apparel

SGTC by Détóké

Sika Designs

TYNTY Fashions

Omooba Fashions

TJ Suavè

Claude Lavie Kameni



Ugo Monye


Kamsi TCharles

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