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What Are Your 10 Favorite Black Owned Businesses? We Want To Know!

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Hey Family! For the past two years, Tony and I have been collecting info about Black owned businesses, not just in the U.S. but internationally. We’ve made a few informal asks but now we’re officially asking you: tell us your top ten all time favorite Black-owned businesses – anywhere around the world! We’re not asking…

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: #BLACKSPENDINGMATTERS

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Once again, due to gross state sanctioned violence against our communities, thousands of people are calling for other economic strategies to resist the consistent wave of oppression that we face. We’ve called for and participated in these acts of resistance before. #NotOneDime was the most recent national and international call after there was a non-indictment verdict…

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Black Owned Businesses in the Diaspora: Buying Black Across The Globe

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Black Owned Businesses

For the past few years, there has been a battle cry in our community to spend our dollars with Black owned businesses, as opposed to the usual suspects. Well this year, we’re inviting you to take Black Friday a step further.  We created a list of Black owned businesses from various parts of the African…

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5 Black Owned Subscription Box Businesses

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black owned subscription box

The subscription box industry has become extremely popular in the last few years. Many businesses, large and small, are getting in on the action. Some of these are Black Owned Subscription Box Businesses that offer great products and services. Check them out! Black Owned Subscription Box Businesses Ujamaa Box founder, Ebony Costain comes from a…

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6 Websites that will help you “Buy Black” this Holiday Shopping Season…and After

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Buy Black

It’s that time of year again! The time when major retailers salivate as Black folk generously pump a quazillion bucks into the U.S. economy. Prepare to be bombarded with Black Friday and Holiday Season deals that are “once in a lifetime” and won’t EVER be available again….until the same time next year. Unless you have been…

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