What Are Your 10 Favorite Black Owned Businesses? We Want To Know!

Hey Family!

For the past two years, Tony and I have been collecting info about Black owned businesses, not just in the U.S. but internationally. We’ve made a few informal asks but now we’re officially asking you: tell us your top ten all time favorite Black-owned businesses – anywhere around the world! We’re not asking you to complete a long survey. We tried that approach. It didn’t work.

Our first ask: Give us your TEN favorite Black owned businesses. Not the place with the horrible customer service or the spot you hope will close down because the food is so bad.

What are we looking for? Your favorite restaurant, dentist, therapist, contractor, graphic designer, florist, attorney, bed and breakfast, architect, plumber, interior designer, midwife and doula, stylist…we want to know it all!

You don’t have to give us everyone in your rolodex (but if you’d like to, we’re not going to stop you).

Our second ask: send the survey to TEN of your friends. That’s it! Our goal is that 1o00 people will complete and send this survey to ten of their friends with an ultimate goal of receiving 10,000 responses.

We’re working on something major. You’re going to love it. And you’ll thank us later.

Fill out the survey HERE.  Send this link to your friends: http://bit.ly/2hySPkN. Then stay tuned for more info.


Photo Credit: Terrence Jennings

Video Production: Electric Suns

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