black owned clothing

Black Owned Clothing Brands You Should Know

After H&M thought it would be cool to create an ad showing a young Black boy wearing a sweatshirt saying “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”, we decided that enough is enough.

It shouldn’t take something like this to remind us that there are MANY other Black owned clothing brands that make casual wear and that actually appreciate your money. Here are some:

Black Owned Clothing Brands

SHOPPE BLACK (shameless plug)

Undefined Clothing

Black Bourgeois

black owned clothing


Salyel Paris

black owned clothing

This Is Cultured


black owned clothing

Backtrack Vintage

black owned clothing

black owned clothing
black owned clothing
black owned clothing

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  1. This would be a better post if it included brands that were actually comparable to HM. These are just slogan tees that I could make on my own on cafepress. Where are the designers making affordable dresses, tops, etc.?

  2. I’m interested specifically in an affordable black owned women’s clothing brand. Do any of you know of such a thing? Affordable!!! And with actual everyday clothing.

  3. May I ask please if there are sports apparel store? I am trying to locate affordable workout clothing for women and men.

  4. I really want to shop for my son he is 15 i want black owned clothing company. Its hard to find here in Indianapolis

  5. Would love to see more outfits other than T shirts with printing. I’m in need of real clothes. Not t/sweat shirts.

  6. Nice! The information I got through this blog has really helped me in understanding this Black Clothing Brands That was something, I was desperately looking for, thankfully I found this at the right time.

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