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Oo-oop! Why I’m So Glad I Pledged Alpha Chapter, DST

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Before enrolling at Howard, I knew the Greek alphabet by heart, because one of my childhood besties Susanne Brown Robinson’s sister was two years older than us and had already crossed the burning sands into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. I had already begun reading ‘In Search of Sisterhood’ by renowned feminist Paula Giddings, a…

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Introducing INNERACT PROJECT: Educating the Next Generation of Design Gurus

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Everyone knows there is a huge diversity gap in design and tech fields. What is important to note is that there is very little work being done with underserved youth at a young age to help prepare them and to combat this disparity. Therefore, exposure at a young age is essential. My goal with Inneract…

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Black owned ethical fashion

9 Black Owned Ethical Fashion Brands from Across the Globe

A growing number of consumers worldwide are becoming more conscious of which businesses they spend their money with. Whether it’s with a Black owned business, an eco-friendly business or a business that creates jobs in developing countries, consumers want to create positive change by supporting brands that know how to “act right”. This practice is…

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GIVING BLACK: The Many Reasons Why We Should Financially Support our Favorite Causes.

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“Black people are the most generous people on this Earth.” That’s a paraphrase of one of my father’s many bits of socio-philosophical brilliance. He usually uses it in reference to Black folks’ collective emotional generosity – how forgiving we can be in welcoming some Black celebrity back into our loving fold after some public transgression,…

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LISNR: The Black Owned Business that Raised over $10 Million and is Disrupting the Mobile Technology Industry

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I have a huge appreciation for disruptive technology. That’s why I was excited to discover LISNR, a Cincinnati based business that is easily one of the most disruptive companies within the mobile communication industry. I chatted with Rodney Williams, the co-founder and CEO of LISNR.  This is what he had to say: What is LISNR…

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Health and Wellness

22 Businesses in the $3.4 Trillion Health and Wellness Industry

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Our list of Black owned businesses in the health and wellness industry is here right on time. Why? Because each new year is typically accompanied by resolutions related to improving health. My goals have generally stayed the same – to increase my income, improve my diet and to exercise more. This past year, kudos to…

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pink pump

Pink Pump: A Husband & Wife Bring a Beloved Brand Back To Life

Pink Pump is a well known clothing and accessory store located in the Michigan area. After the original locations closed a few years ago, Kelly Kirkwood, along with her husband, Vincent, decided to take over and revitalize the brand. We caught up with Kelly and this is what she had to say: SB: Please tell…

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Get Your Website Right!: 10 Tips on How to Create a Dope Website

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Every Black business owner needs to get their website right. Not now, but right now. Many of us want to support Black-owned businesses, but sometimes, business owners make it challenging to do so. I’m sure you’ve had the following experience a time or two (or three): Someone tells you to check out a Black-owned business.…

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Intra-Africa Trade: The Key To Unlocking Wealth On The Continent

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The majority of African trade is conducted with Europe, North America, and China. Only 16% is with other African countries. By comparison, 60% of Europe’s trade is with its own continent. The same is true in Asia. In North America, the figure is 40%. The main factors responsible for the low rate of intra-Africa trade are…

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