Black-owned equity crowdfunding

Black Founder Raised Six Figures on a Black-Owned Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Mitch Gilbert is the Co-founder & CEO of Oya, a femtech apparel brand that uses innovative fabrics and sweat absorption technology to provide performance wear engineered for feminine health and comfort. She has successfully raised $1.3 million to date for her Los Angeles-based company.

Notably, over $100,000 of that funding was raised on Seed at The Table, a Black-owned equity crowdfunding platform.

We caught up with Mitch to gain her insights on navigating the fundraising landscape as a Black founder.

In this interview, Mitch shares:

  • Her experience fundraising for her company.
  • What inspired her decision to raise capital on Seed At the Table.
  • How Seed At the Table supported her campaign beyond just providing a platform for fundraising.
  • Some of the biggest challenges she faced during the crowdfunding process, and how she overcame them.
  • The steps she took to prepare for her crowdfunding campaign.
  • Her advice for other founders who are considering equity crowdfunding as a way to raise capital.


True to its commitment to access, Seed is considering opening up an investment round to the community to allow investment participation in its growth journey. This is a unique opportunity that is typically only afforded to institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

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