New Year's Eve

The #1 Essential Thing to Do Before 2016

As you prepare for the New Year. I wanted to offer you a tip on one essential thing you could do that would change the game for you in 2016.

….drum roll please….

PURGE. I cannot stress the power of letting go through some good ole purging. Chillllllld….let go so you can let the blessings flow boo boo! Here are some examples of quick things you could do to let the blessings flow before the clock strikes 2016:

+ Bring your email inbox to “zero” (even if that means marking everything “read” and trusting that the communication that needs to come back to you will return)

+ Throw away all papers, clothing, and items that you haven’t rocked with over the past 6 months.

+ Delete messages or contacts from your phone that carry negative energy or remind you of any sense of “lack or loss”.

+ Clean out your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets and throw out old and expired food. You don’t have to hold on to mediocre anymore.




Happy New Year!

From your Resident Action Coach.

Akua Soadwa

Akua Soadwa is an Action Coach that supports individuals and entrepreneurs with reconnecting back to their spirits to determine the next course of actions for their personal lives or their businesses. She believes that when people listen to, nurture and honor their spirits, they are inevitably “just one conversation and one action away from having everything they want.”
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