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9 New Year’s Rituals To Help You Set the New Year Off Right

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– Cover Photo: Bohemian stylist Angeline Hayling For some of us, 2019 was our best year yet! But for many others, honeyyyyy, 2019 brought us through some changes!  That makes sense given that 9 is a number that not only marks endings but also CHANGE. And not just teeny tiny change but RADICAL change. Some…

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The #1 Essential Thing to Do Before 2016

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As you prepare for the New Year. I wanted to offer you a tip on one essential thing you could do that would change the game for you in 2016. ….drum roll please…. PURGE. I cannot stress the power of letting go through some good ole purging. Chillllllld….let go so you can let the blessings…

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