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Couples, Inc. : Keewa and Doug own Kidswear Brand, Kido Chicago

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Kido Chicago

Kido Chicago is a Chicago based clothing line for babies and toddlers. The brand features a number of colorful, positive images and messages on onesies, t-shirts and more. We spoke to husband and wife founders, Keewa Nurullah and Doug Freitag to find out how they balance business and family. How did you both meet? Keewa:…

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19 Businesses and Organizations Owned by Black Children

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black children

I love reading about businesses, especially those owned by brilliant Black children! What’s amazing is that alot of these kids are barely of driving age and they are already OG’s in the business game. Congrats to them and kudos to the parents and other adults that are providing them with guidance and support. Businesses and Organizations Owned by Black…

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The Brown Crayon Project: The First Organic Skin & Hair Care products for Children of Color

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Brown Crayon Project

Many of the chemicals that come in contact with our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream. That being said, it’s important for us to be aware of what’s in the skin products we use on ourselves and our loved ones. A notable line of products to get into is offered by The Brown Crayon…

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