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Teen Entrepreneur Creates a Product to Help Facilitate Safer Traffic Stops

David Price is the 19 year old creator of The Safety Pouch, a tool to help facilitate interactions between civilians and police.

The fluorescent orange pouch holds vehicle documents and identification in one place and clips on to the exterior window to minimize the amount of movement within the vehicle and keeping hands visible at all times.

David, a sophomore at Loyola University in New Orleans, created The Safety Pouch during his Freshman year. We caught up with David to find out more about his business.

David Price, creator of The Safety Pouch | Photo credit: DOUG MacCASH

What inspired you to create The Safety Pouch.

The biggest thing that inspired me to create The Safety Pouch was having “The Talk” with my parents when I first started driving. I knew I had to develop some kind of product that would help facilitate safer traffic stop interactions between Black drivers and law-enforcement. That’s when I came up with the concept.

What are the biggest advantages and biggest challenges you feel you might have as a teen entrepreneur?

The most significant advantage I have is that more people are willing to help support me. It is also easier for me to network with people because many people tend to want to mentor younger people since we are more malleable.

The biggest downside is that some people often do not take teen entrepreneurs seriously. I am forced to have to prove myself and how much I know at times.

Photo credit: DOUG MacCASH

What are your future goals as an entrepreneur?

My biggest goal is to continue to innovate and grow my business with the focus of making the world a safer place.

What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs?

Network Network Network! Always connect with as many people as you can. You never know what opportunities can emerge from those connections or who those people could be connected to. Always take advantage of making connections and partnerships with people or companies.

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