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Businesses and Organizations Owned by Black Children

We love discovering new businesses, especially those owned by brilliant Black children! Some of these kids are barely of driving age and are already OG’s in the business game.

Congrats to them and kudos to the parents and other adults that are providing them with guidance and support.

Businesses and Organizations Owned by Black Children


Gabrielle Goodwin is thePresident and CEO of GaBBY Bows, a hair accessory business that adds a unique twist to the classic barrette.

Essynce Moore  is the owner of a clothing line branded Essynce Couture, LLC.

Black Children

Marley Dias is the creator of the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign. She was inspired to create the campaign because of the lack of diversity in the books she was reading at school.

Black Children

Zandra Azariah Cunningham is the founder of the beauty brand,  Zandra Beauty.

Cory Nieves, also known as “Mr. Cory” is the founder and CEO of an all-natural cookie company called Mr. Cory’s Cookies.

Black Children

Angels and Tomboys is a beauty and bodycare company for ‘tween’ and teen girls created by siblings, Madison Star and Mallory Iyana.

Maya Penn is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, animator, artist, and the CEO of her eco-friendly fashion company Maya’s Ideas.

Black Children

Mikaila Ulmer is the founder and CEO of the natural beverage brand, BeeSweet Lemonade.

Moziah “Mo” Bridges is the CEO of the handmade bow tie compay, Mo’s Bows.

Kierra Perkins is the founder of the candle company, Kandles by Kierra.

Christopher J. Suggs started Kinston Teens as an effort to amplify the voices of all of the youth and to create civic engagement and community service opportunities for his peers in his home city of Kinston, NC.

Yummy Brothers is a gourmet catering company that specializes in Yummy Cookies, Yummy Beverages, Yummy Cookie Platters, and Yummy Dog Treats.

Fréres Branchiaux Candle Company is a handmade body, candle, and home fragrance goods company created by brothers Collin, Ryan, and Austin Gill.


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