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Breakr Raises $4.2M to Amplify New Artist’s Music With The Help of Influencers

Breakr is a music marketing marketplace startup founded in late 2020. It recently announced that it has raised $4.2 million in seed funding. The announcement comes after Breakr has garnered attention from a long list of investors, including rap artist Nas.

“Independent artists have more opportunities than ever to break through, but those opportunities have required busywork that should’ve been solved already,” said Breakr’s co-founder and CEO, Tony Brown, in a recent interview. “Problem 1? Spending all day messaging to try and get your song heard. TikTok influencers have been pushing songs to the top of the charts, and with the shift to Twitch and Instagram Live DJ sets during the pandemic, we knew the world needed a solution.”

The app will serve as a marketplace where up-and-coming artists can connect with social media influencers and get their music heard, while influencers get paid to host listening sessions. Breakr has already produced over 150 million views for independent artists, put thousands of dollars into influencers’ pockets.

“We’ve worked with companies as big as Warner and Sony, as small as the SoundCloud rapper, and everybody in between,” mentioned founder and head of Product Ameer Brown, who formerly worked at Adobe.

The founders, including Ameer Brown, Dan Ware, and Rotimi Omosheyin, met while attending Florida A&M University. The group of studies witnessed the power of one-to-one communication and word-of-mouth marketing by promoting successful parties on campus.

“I immediately knew it would be the future. Having cultural icons like Erykah Badu and Dave Chapelle rock with my music and amplify me on their platforms was major for me. Now, with Breakr, we can make this happen for artists and influencers at every level,” said Tobe Nwigwe, an artist and one of Breakr’s co-founders.

As the world of music business and commerce continues to change, we’ll look to startups like Breakr to provide a solution to monetization for both artists and influencers alike.

Written by Reese Williams

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