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Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is helping thousands Live Richer, one penny at a time.

Knowing how interested I am in most things personal finance, Shantrelle suggested that I connect with her girl, Tiffany ”…

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Amalgam Comics

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse: Philly’s Black Woman Owned Haven for Geeks

The world of comic books has become big business. Comics that used to cost less than a dollar are now…

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Introducing INNERACT PROJECT: Educating the Next Generation of Design Gurus

All Posts/Black Thought by

Everyone knows there is a huge diversity gap in design and tech fields. What is important to note is that…

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Black owned ethical fashion

Black Owned Ethical Fashion Brands from Across the Globe

A growing number of consumers worldwide are becoming more conscious of which businesses they spend their money with. Whether it’s…

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GIVING BLACK: The Many Reasons Why We Should Financially Support our Favorite Causes.

“Black people are the most generous people on this Earth.” That’s a paraphrase of one of my father’s many bits…

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LISNR: The Black Owned Business that Raised over $10 Million and is Disrupting the Mobile Technology Industry

I have a huge appreciation for disruptive technology. That’s why I was excited to discover LISNR, a Cincinnati based business…

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