Black Owned Haircare

Black Owned Haircare Brands You Should Know

The global haircare industry is fueled primarily by Black consumers. Let’s funnel more of that money into Black owned haircare brands.

Black Owned Haircare Brands

Beard Organics

black owned haircare

Neter Gold

Wolf’s Mane Beard Care

Safiya Green

103 Collection


curLUXE Naturals 


Cara B Naturally

Obia Naturals

Black Owned Haircare

Big Hair Beauty

Black Owned Haircare

Darcy’s Botanicals

Black Owned Haircare

Wonder Curl

Black Owned Haircare

Bask and Bloom Esssentials

Black Owned Haircare

Koils By Nature

Qhemet Biologics

Oyin Handmade

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    • The Seniors On The Move at New Faith Int’l Matteson, IL. love Luster Products. They have been big supporters of our ministry as well.
      Luster is an African American family owned manufacturer of great beauty products.

  1. I noticed that you forgot Aularale Skincare & Color Cosmetics. 100% Black Owned and Operated 35 yr old company headquartered in Atlanta GA. Al and Joanne Trawick are the Founders, CEO and President respectively. They are the best kept secret in the world and now it is their time to shine. Please contact me if you want more information!

  2. We have black people in Europe too. There is a black owned brand from Sweden called Zyzven Naturals. Infact it’s the only black own brand in Northern Europe and one of the few in Europe manufacturing luxury botanical based cosmetics.

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