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50 Black Owned Hair & Skin Care Brands

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Black Owned Hair

The global hair care market was valued at $95.45 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $116 billion by 2024. The global skin care products market size is projected to reach $183.03 billion by 2025. These industries are fueled primarily by Black consumers. Let’s funnel more of that money into Black owned brands. Black Owned Hair &…

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Black Owned Beauty Startup Raises $23 Million

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Black Owned Beauty Startup

Diishan Imira looked at the $6 billion U.S. hair extension and wig market in the U.S. and felt something was amiss. The vast majority of hair extensions used in salons – about 95%, he says — are purchased by customers online or at retail stores, who then bring those products to stylists who use them…

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24 Black Owned New Jersey Businesses

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black owned new jersey

Here’s our list of 24 Black Owned New Jersey Businesses. Check them out, support, and let us know and let us know which ones missed! Black Owned New Jersey Bailey Li interiors is an interior designer with the ability to transform spaces into stunning environments. Bella Nail Lounge and Beauty Bar is a stylish salon for manicures & pedicures,…

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Money flowing into the Natural Hair Industry is a Blessing and Curse for those who built it up

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Miko Branch was deep asleep when her sister Titi woke her up to celebrate. After months of experimentation in the kitchen of their Brooklyn brownstone kitchen, she had finally perfected the concoction that would come to be known as Curly Pudding. It was a major discovery — well worth the early morning wake-up call —…

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8 Black Owned Natural Hair Care Brands from the UK

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As more Black women around the world continue to embrace their natural hair, the demand for quality products that make it easier to care for Black hair has increased. Here are some Black owned natural hair care brands that are based in the United Kingdom. Black Owned Natural Hair Care Brands from the UK I…

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