Black Owned Engagement Ring

Black Owned Engagement Ring Brand Was Inspired By a Wedding Proposal

Balacia is a Black owned engagement ring brand that allows shoppers to create the engagement and wedding rings of their choice within their budget.

The company uses diamonds, moissanite, and gemstones so buyers have endless options for colors, shapes, and sizes for their rings.

We caught up with Balacia’s Founder and President, Jasmine Carter to find out more about her business.

Black Owned Engagement Ring
Jasmine Carter, Founder & President of Balacia (Kevin Graham Photography)

What inspired you to start Balacia? 

After my husband proposed to me in December 2016, I instantly became obsessed with sparkly rings. I did research, practiced designing, and founded Balacia in September 2017.

At first, I only made silver rings and over the years I worked my way into the moissanite (a diamond simulant made of silicon carbide) and diamond market.

Black Owned Engagement Rings

Can you describe your experience running your business during the height of the pandemic? 

We were blessed enough to have exponential growth during the pandemic. Though many things came to a pause due to the crazy virus (including my old corporate job), love flourished, and we went viral, and were amazed by our growth. Virtual consultations have become a great way to serve clients in the safety of our office.

How do you and your husband complement each other as partners in life as well as business? 

Devon and I make a great team! We take turns caring for our 7-month-old baby boy and give each other the time we need to work on our business. It’s amazing being able to spend so much time together and work at the same time.

Where do you hope to see the business in the next 5 months? 

In 5 months our goal is for our Balacia brand moissanites to be sold with retailers worldwide. After tons of research and trial and error, we’ve finally branded the absolute best moissanites and I want to share them with the world so everyone can have beautiful jewelry.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Make it happen! Visualize the life you want, the customers you want to serve, and the amazing reviews. Manifest it and do what it takes. If something isn’t working, tweak it until it does. I failed for so many years and you might too. Live, learn, stay strong, and grow. You got this!


Main image credit (M Harris Studios)

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