black owned jewelry

Black Owned Jewelry Businesses That Should Be on Your Radar

Adorn yourself with empowerment! In the vibrant world of fashion, Black owned jewelry businesses are flourishing with creativity and cultural richness.

From delicate, hand-crafted pieces to bold, statement-making designs, these brands offer a unique perspective on the art of adornment. Whether you seek timeless elegance or fashion-forward flair, get ready to discover a treasure trove of trinkets that tell a story and celebrate individuality.

Black Owned Jewelry Businesses

Lorraine West Jewelry

Sewit Sium Jewelry

Egbo Collections

Black Owned Jewelry

Johnny Nelson

black owned jewelry


Afrohemien Jewelry

Adele Dejak

Black Owned Jewelry

Sheryl Jones Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry


Anita Quansah London

Valerie Madison

Tracey Beale

ADORN 42.20

Moijey Fine Diamonds

Nirvana Wild

Black Owned Jewelry

Mock & Co 


Saint Jewels

Lingua Nigra

Black Owned Jewelry

Limba Gal

Jam + Rico

Black Owned Jewelry

Omi Woods

black owned jewelry


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