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To Have Black Hair in America

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black hair

Sixth grader Faith Fennidy was expelled on her first day of school for wearing braided extensions. This is not an isolated incident; black children all across the country are kicked out of school every year for their hairstyles. It’s a painful tradition of black hairstyles being seen as unfit in school. Worse, it’s rationalized to disrupt their learning. Fennidy wore…

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Shea Moisture Founder Launches $100 Million Fund for Women Entrepreneurs Of Color At Essence Festival

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shea moisture

On Thursday, SheaMoisture haircare and skincare products founder Richelieu Dennis announced a $100 million fund for women entrepreneurs of color at the 2018 Essence Festival. The announcement surrounds the New Voices Fund that he’s been prepping for the past year. “About six months ago, we announced that we were launching the new voices fund,” Dennis told the audience…

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BGLH Marketplace CEO Talks Balancing Blogging, Babies & Business

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bglh marketplace

You may know Leila Noelliste from her popular blog, Black Girl With Long Hair. The blogger turned Businesswoman recently launched BGLH Marketplace, a storefront extension of her 3 year old whipped butter brand that offers handmade shea, mango and cocoa butter in more than 20 all-natural scents. Let’s find out more about Leila and her…

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The Brown Crayon Project: The First Organic Skin & Hair Care products for Children of Color

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Brown Crayon Project

Many of the chemicals that come in contact with our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream. That being said, it’s important for us to be aware of what’s in the skin products we use on ourselves and our loved ones. A notable line of products to get into is offered by The Brown Crayon…

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21 Black Owned Businesses in Canada

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black owned

Canada is known for many things. Currently, it’s best known as the place that everyone wants to move to if you know who wins you know what. Our North American neighbors should also be known for the many awesome Black owned businesses that exist there. Here are a few: Black Owned Businesses in Canada Frunil…

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29 Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn

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Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn

Over the past decade, countless Black owned businesses in Brooklyn (and nationwide) have fallen victim to gentrification. Rising rents and leases are forcing businesses to close. However, there are still many Black owned businesses and institutions that have weathered the storm and continue to provide great goods and service.   Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn…

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