Ashley Cleveland

Crossing Continents: Ashley Cleveland’s Entrepreneurial Journey from the U.S. to Africa

In this interview, Ashley Cleveland, founder of Ashley in Afrika and the Afrika Investors Academy, takes us on her transformative path from the United States to Africa. She shares the driving force that led her to make the momentous decision to relocate.

Delving into the origins of the Afrika Investors Academy, Ashley sheds light on its inception and how it has grown into a thriving online community with members from across the globe. She highlights the Academy’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship and investment in Africa, showcasing the remarkable businesses and projects being built by its members.

Drawing from her own experiences, Ashley identifies lucrative business opportunities and investment sectors in Africa, emphasizing the significance of staying attuned to geopolitical developments. With insightful anecdotes, she reflects on the reception of Black Americans in Africa and explores the evolving relationship between the diaspora and the continent, unearthing both the immense potential and the challenges that lie ahead.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals considering a move or starting a business in South Africa or Tanzania, Ashley offers invaluable advice, drawing from her firsthand encounters and lessons learned. Furthermore, she shares her unique insights and experiences on dating and socializing in Africa, providing a captivating glimpse into the vibrant cultural landscape.

Join Ashley Cleveland on this entrepreneurial journey as she unveils the motivations, triumphs, and invaluable wisdom gained from her transformative move to Africa and the establishment of the Afrika Investors Academy.

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by Tony O. Lawson

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