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This Overlooked Black Photographer Documented Generations

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black photographer

“Art is the totality of our being, the totality of our experience,” says John Simmons. “Every time I press the shutter, it’s the totality of who I am and all that I’ve experienced.” The veteran photographer and cinematographer, who came of age in Chicago, has been tirelessly documenting the world around him since the 1960s, putting…

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The Photos That Lifted Up the Black Is Beautiful Movement

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Black Is Beautiful

The intersection of West 125th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem was, for decades, a center of Black nationalism. Street orators — that’s what they were called — climbed onto stepladders and made impassioned calls for African liberation. When Kwame Brathwaite and his brother Elombe Brath were teenagers in the 1950s, they would walk there from their…

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10 Tips For Photographing Darker Skin Tones

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No, you’re not crazy: photographing darker skin tones, like mine, is harder than photographing lighter ones. Before anyone goes and reports me for reverse racism, which isn’t a thing, lets talk about this in purely technical terms. From the 1950s well into the 1980s, Kodak, the standard in film processing, provided photo labs with “Shirley…

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TONL Creates Stock Photos That Reflect Global Diversity

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stock photos

As someone who regularly looks for stock photos to use for different articles, I know all too well that quality images that reflect the diversity of Black experience. Enter TONL, a stock photography company that showcases the many ethnic backgrounds of every day people. We caught up with co-founder, Karen Okonkwo to find out more about…

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