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Black Owned Health products brand receives investment from Magic Johnson

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black owned natural products

Naturade partners Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis, want to bring the plant-based revolution to those who need these products the most—the urban communities and food deserts that are underserved by the natural products industry. Now, Naturade is announcing the next big step in making that a reality: They have partnered with Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr.…

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Black Owned Nutritional Supplements Company Vows To Help Black Communities Live Healthier

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nutritional supplements

Naturade is a manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements.  The company was originally founded in 1926, and was acquired by Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis in 2012. The duo first meet in college at Duke University and later reconnected after attending business school. They made the move to California together and began spreading healthy ideas…

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