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Black Grocery Coop Celebrates 10 Years and an Expansion

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Black Grocery Coop

Mandela Grocery is a Black Grocery coop that’s on a mission to nourish their neighborhood of West Oakland with healthy food, wellness resources, and collective ownership. Their full-service grocery store sources from entrepreneurs and farmers in California with a focus on black and brown farmers and food makers. Prior to 2009, residents of West Oakland…

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Farmers Market on Wheels Brings Fresh Produce to Brooklyn Food Deserts

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Brooklyn Food Deserts

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and The Campaign Against Hunger, joined by Councilmember Alicka Ampry-Samuels, presented on Wednesday the “Fresh Vibes Mobile Market,” a retrofitted RV that will bring affordable produce, cooking and nutrition workshops combined with social services to underserved Brooklyn neighborhoods.  The initiative kicked off at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in East Flatbush, a community facing…

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The Mobile Good Food Market Brings Fresh Produce To Low-Income Neighborhoods

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Mobile Good Food Market

Urban areas are difficult for someone who wants to maintain a fresh diet. The main reason is money: fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive, because the produce has to be shipped and you end up paying for the delivery cost more than for the quality of the product itself. With the Mobile Good Food Market,…

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6 Black Issues That Public Policy Must Address Immediately

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public polocy

Despite the importance of economic empowerment, I would argue that political power plays a bigger role in wealth creation. Political power influences public policy and legislature that address many socioeconomic issues that affect our ability to even start building a strong economic base. Here are a few issues affecting the Black community that public policy…

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