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A Legacy of Love and Innovation: The Story of LauraKay Innovations

LauraKay Innovations is a family-owned business that embodies love, legacy, and an unwavering commitment to developing safer, more effective cleaning and personal care solutions.

Operated by the father-and-son duo William “Bill” Embry (CEO and co-founder) and Keion Embry (co-founder and CMO), LauraKay Innovations is earning rave reviews for its safe and effective solutions tailored for homes, offices, cars, and pet areas.

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

Fueled by a desire to honor the remarkable women in their lives, Bill and Keion, founders of LauraKay Innovations, drew inspiration from Bill’s caring mother and Keion’s warm grandmother, Laura, known for her comforting presence and passion for bringing joy.


Bill’s wife, Kay (also Keion’s mother), exemplified dedication through her tireless support of the community food drive. Their company name, LauraKay Innovations, is a heartfelt tribute to these women, whose values of love and service became the foundation for the company’s vision.

Kay and Bill

Bill’s background as a chemist and the founder of Emtech Labs provided a strong foundation for LauraKay Innovations. With over 35 years of experience in chemical research and manufacturing, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

“By 2018, we noticed a gap in the market for green cleaning products and a lot of misinformation surrounding safe cleaning,” Bill explains. “We wanted to bring our experience, care, and consideration to the market, offering green and safer cleaning products that are genuinely effective.”

Setting a New Standard in Cleaning Products

LauraKay Innovations stands out in a crowded market by offering products that are not only effective but also safe for families and pets. Unlike many other brands that rebrand generic products, LauraKay Innovations develops its formulas from scratch, ensuring high quality and efficacy.

“Our cleaners are designed to be safe, effective, and in some cases, concentrated,” Bill explains. “This means they can deeply and swiftly remove years-old stains and lingering smells, rather than just masking them.”

LauraKay Innovations

The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its rigorous testing and careful selection of ingredients. Bill’s background as a chemist ensures that each product is scientifically sound and safe. “Given that our products are meant for your home and loved ones, ensuring you get quality ingredients is integral to us,” he adds.

Faith also plays a significant role in the company. Guided by Christian principles, Bill and his team strive to serve their customers with love and care, drawing inspiration from 1 Corinthians 10:31: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Innovation and Customer-Centric Development

One of the unique aspects of LauraKay Innovations’ products is their versatility. The OxyVation cleaner, for example, is not only a powerful stain remover but can also eliminate odors and mildew in laundry. Similarly, the AirVation odor eliminators are effective for light cleaning and floor mopping, while the Probiotic Enzymatic Cleaner, BioVation, can be used to maintain drains and eliminate pet odors.

The company also pays special attention to fragrances, ensuring they are safe and pleasant without being overpowering. “Many of our customers appreciate the option of unscented products, especially those who have reported fewer skin breakouts and easier breathing while using them,” Bill notes.

Customer feedback is crucial to LauraKay Innovations’ product development. Listening to their customers has led to the creation of unscented versions of their products, addressing the needs of those with sensitivities. “Hearing from our customers is always welcomed and truly appreciated,” Bill says. “Once you support us, that’s it—you are a part of the LKI family.”

LauraKay Innovations

Looking Ahead: The Future of LauraKay Innovations

As LauraKay Innovations continues to grow, Bill envisions expanding their product line and reaching more customers who value safe and effective cleaning solutions. The company remains committed to quality, customer care, and the principles that inspired its founding.

A significant part of their future goals includes mentoring and inspiring the next generation of chemists and researchers. Bill’s dedication to mentoring students through their school’s internship program is a mission the company intends to expand. Providing jobs and benefits for future employees and developing unique cleaning solutions for homes, pets, offices, and automobiles are also on the horizon.

Ultimately, LauraKay Innovations aims to be a trusted name in every household, living up to their name as true innovators in the cleaning industry. Through their products, the legacy of Laura and Kay lives on, bringing love, care, and cleanliness into every home.

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