Black Owned Manufacturing Businesses Changing the Game

In an industry often dominated by large corporations, Black owned manufacturing companies are making significant strides and carving out their own niches.

These enterprises are not only vital to the economy but also embody the innovation, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit of their founders. From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, these companies offer a diverse range of products and services that cater to various sectors.

Black Owned Manufacturing Businesses

black owned manufacturing

LensRXLab is an ophthalmic manufacturer based in Philadelphia, specializing in prescription lenses, frames, and coatings. They cater to a wide range of needs, from everyday glasses to diabetic eye care and safety eyewear. Their focus on innovation and quality makes them an ideal partner for vision care providers.

With an operating history spanning over 35 years, Electro Soft is one of the largest independent contract manufacturers for circuit boards and wire harnesses in the Philadelphia Tri-State area. They specialize in crafting a wide range of electronic components, from intricate wiring harnesses and cable assemblies to complex printed circuit boards and complete cabinet enclosures.

Maroon Sausage Company is a Brooklyn-based manufacturer bringing bold Jamaican flavors to the world of sausage. Their signature product is a spicy jerk chicken sausage, inspired by the rich heritage of the Jamaican Maroon people and the vibrant cultural exchange of New York City. Maroon Sausage uses traditional jerk spices to create a taste of the Caribbean in every bite, available at select grocery stores.

FCTRY LAb is a Los Angeles-based footwear company founded in 2022 with a mission to empower minority creatives in the sneaker industry. They design and manufacture their own line of innovative sneakers while also offering cutting-edge prototyping services to help other brands and individuals bring their footwear ideas to life. Led by industry veteran Omar Bailey, FCTRY LAb is shaking up the status quo with a focus on tech-driven design and inclusivity.

Founded in 1967 as the West Baking Company, New Horizons Baking Company, is a hamburger bun & English muffin producer for the largest QSR in the US. With two high-speed food manufacturing facilities in Northeast Ohio and Northern Indiana, New Horizons produces quality products daily for over 5000 restaurants, food service facilities and wholesale establishments. The company has grown exponentially under the successful leadership of Tilmon (Tim) Brown since 1995.

For more than 35 years, Damron Corporation on Chicago’s west side has manufactured and distributed tea products, sourced from the most famous tea-growing areas in the world. Companies that Damron supplies its products to include McDonald’s. In fact, Damron was the first African-American owned company to become a national supplier to McDonald’s. Recently, the company entered the contract packaging arena and now specializes in packaging solutions and logistics through the Damron Packaging and Logistics Group.

Established in 1996, by Sean Buchanan, All American Meats, Inc. is a manufacturer specializing in premium quality beef. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, a region renowned for its corn-fed cattle, All American Meats selects only 100% English breed cattle, known for their exceptional marbling and flavor. Their commitment to quality extends beyond selection, with strict adherence to USDA inspection standards. They process these cattle into a variety of cuts perfect for restaurants, institutions, and individual consumers.

Production Spring has a 45-year history of manufacturing metal clips, clamps, brackets, fasteners, and custom-stamped components for a variety of automotive applications. The company’s operations are located in Troy, MI. where they have a 40,000 sq. ft. facility that includes their manufacturing operations and inventory warehouse.

by Tony O. Lawson

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