Shoppe Black is empowering Black communities to invest in each other, globally.




  1. To the Owners of the Shoppe Black Corporation, I Applaud you in your much needed endeavor to Uplift and promote ALL Black businesses throughout the Country and even the World. The Company I’m working with is Called Netcinity Company and this company will revolutionize the way you advertise your business or services thru electronic devices that will send out a signal on passing cars and pedestrian traffic to their cell phones locked screen and when they open it up to see the message that you developed will show up on their cell phones letting them know about your Company’s Business or service. Please look at this video presentation from our Company’s CFO, Mr Chad Kopal and contact me so I can answer any questions you may have. Remember we are Reaching All Chamber of Commerce in the Whole Country and World that Helps Promote Small and Mid-sized businesses in their communities. Yahoo Mail on Android

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