Shoppe Black is a digital media and marketing company that creates and curates content related to Black business ownership and Black culture in the global diaspora.

Our goal is to empower all Black communities to invest in one another.



  1. To the Owners of the Shoppe Black Corporation, I Applaud you in your much needed endeavor to Uplift and promote ALL Black businesses throughout the Country and even the World. The Company I’m working with is Called Netcinity Company and this company will revolutionize the way you advertise your business or services thru electronic devices that will send out a signal on passing cars and pedestrian traffic to their cell phones locked screen and when they open it up to see the message that you developed will show up on their cell phones letting them know about your Company’s Business or service. Please look at this video presentation from our Company’s CFO, Mr Chad Kopal and contact me so I can answer any questions you may have. Remember we are Reaching All Chamber of Commerce in the Whole Country and World that Helps Promote Small and Mid-sized businesses in their communities. Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. This website I tumbled on. I love it. My sister just started her own business. I sent her the link and a few friends who own their own business. I believe we MUST support one another. So we can grow as a whole.

  3. This is my first day here, After the Roseann thing… I am predicting the increase of unity among Black Business Owner, traditional business as well as on line.

    I look forward to supporting business that support my business so that I can support them even the more. What we do? Increase your referrals, retain customers with a cost effective tool that will give you an increase in customer relationships. Ask me how.

    The bottom line…You do not have a business without customers/clients/referrals. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


  4. Well done. This is much needed. We need to work together and support each other.
    Sending you one love – from the African diaspora in Europe

  5. This fed my soul today. I’m sorry you had a horrible experience with the retreat and happy you found some good in it. It made me realize some things I really need to do for myself! Keep up the great work WE NEED IT!

  6. I would be honored to be listed on Shop Black I am a motivational Speaker/ Talk Show Host/U S Patented Inventor & Real Estate Investor feel free to connect with me on my social Media @
    IG/TheMcGirt Show
    office 910-813-8525

  7. This website gives me so much motivation keep up the good work.
    You may not know it but 100% you are inspiring a lot people of all ages around the world.

    Love from Battiste Books Bookkeeping & Accounting Services 🙂

  8. Black owned business yesss !!!! This makes me feel good about my children future . I love you guys for this much respect my people . Please continue to stand tall and strong my

  9. I think what you all are doing is absolutely awesome. In this day and time, we need more voices like yours to help connect the Black community economically and globally.
    We are a multi-billion dollar economy. If only more of us knew and understood the power the we possess. It’s going to take us working together, supporting one another: in our neighborhoods, in our communities, across this country and around the globe.
    There’s an entire global economy waiting on us to seize it! Let’s go!
    Ms. CPA

  10. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this site earlier! I LOVE it!! It’s so warm, transparent yet real! I feel like I just walked right into our REAL culture all on one website. Thank you for being you!!

  11. Business owner in the making!!! This is amazing. Love to all. This has motivated me to push harder to be successful. We are not statistics!!!

  12. This is my dream for my family before going home. This was my mother’s dream and I would love to find out more about this.

  13. Came across the article about the Cochrane House and landed on your site. I love the look of it! Thank you for sharing.

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